Looking for Work?

We’ve kept our promise to find life changing employment for over 30 years

At Forrest Personnel we believe that everyone is employable, has the right to participate in the workforce and feel like a valued member of the community. We know that having a job can improve your social, emotional and financial well-being, and assist to further your independence and social connectedness within the community. It is our job to help you into a job!

These are our programs to help you find work:
  • Disability Employment Services – for people with a health condition, disability or injury who can work between 8 hours and 30 hours per week.  Forrest Personnel offers both DES Disability Management Service and DES Employment Support Service.  DISABILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICE is for job seekers who are not expected to need long-term support in the workplace to maintain employment but may need irregular support to keep a job.  EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT SERVICE is for job seekers who have a permanent disability and will require regular and ongoing support to keep a job.
  • NDIS – for people with disability who can work between 1 – 7 hours per week.  We specialise in delivering assistance to access and maintain employment through individualised support to people living with disability in South West of Western Australia.  The program has been designed to ensure you have genuine choice and control when it comes to deciding the services and supports you receive.  Our support is always encouraging, promotes your potential and includes collaboration with all parties to ensure that we are working in partnership with you to help you achieve your employment goals.
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