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Reconciliation Action Plan

RAP Artwork by Delphine Schwarze
Here at Forrest Personnel, we are very excited to launch our ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Our RAP journey demonstrates our commitment to advancing reconciliation and advocating positive relationships with First Nation Peoples.  Our Reconciliation Action Plan will inform how we can best provide authentic and inclusive services to our First Nation participants, candidates, and communities we serve in a culturally respectful way.

Our RAP is key to immersing ourselves in our communities, promoting equality and supporting the well-being of First Nation peoples. Our RAP will be a framework on which we build meaningful relationships with First Nation communities, organisations, and individuals, fostering partnerships and collaboration leading to mutual understanding, respect, and shared opportunities.

Click on the picture below to find out more about the artist and the painting:

Communities Connecting

Artwork by Delphine Schwarze