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Participant Advisory Group

Our Participant Advisory Group (PAG) provides a platform to ensure we hear from and understand the voice of lived experience. 

The PAG is made up of representatives from our broader participant base across all service streams and locations. Facilitating our participant advisory group are selected members of Forrest Personnel’s Leadership Team.

The PAG is a crucial part of our service delivery and through engaging regularly with our representative participants, we can learn and understand more fully what the employment journey is like for them.  We will also seek views on various service delivery activities including participant engagement surveys, the process of their employment experience with us, how they wish to be communicated with and what marketing activities would engage them most effectively. Most importantly it is where we can receive authentic feedback about how we can improve our services, under a continuous improvement methodology.

Another key element of the PAG is that by representing our participants, they will act as advocates on behalf of all participants and candidates eligible for our services.

The PAG meets regularly and is chaired by Forrest Personnel’s Head of Service Delivery.

PAG will also produce a newsletter to share their insights, information, stories, some fun facts and articles throughout the year. You can download the latest edition by clicking on the image below: 

For further information about PAG or to register your interest
call: 1800 224 548 or email:

Participant Advisory Group – Meeting Summaries 
PAG Newsletters