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We specialise in helping young people with disability, injury, or illness to find and keep meaningful, suitable and sustainable employment.

If you are a student about to finish high school, we have two different programs that can support you in your move from school to the workforce. The program you will be eligible for will depend on your individual circumstances and, wherever you end up, we will be with you all the way, providing personalised advice and support to help you get your start in the field of your choice.

Eligible School Leaver

Our Eligible School Leaver (ESL) service assists those students who live with disability, injury or illness, but who do not require an NDIS plan, to find employment.

This program supports eligible students build their skills and experience in an industry of their choice. After registering with us, we will work with you to build key skills through training programs, work experience or volunteering opportunities.
We will then work with you to help you find paid work in roles that match your interests and experience, providing you support with job applications, interviews and even transport to and from the workplace.
We stay with you for the whole process and will offer as much support as you feel you require.

If you are at least 15 years old, living with disability, injury or illness, are in your final year of high school as a full time student, and have a future work capacity of at least 8 hours a week, you are eligible to sign up for our ESL program.

If you would like further information or you would like to speak to one
of our team to discuss your individual needs, please contact us –
Enquire here
call: 1800 224 548

School Leavers Employment Supports

Forrest Personnel is a Registered NDIS provider of School Leaver Employment Supports or SLES. If you have SLES included in your NDIS plan, find out more about our SLES services here