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We understand that your health condition, disability or injury doesn’t define who you are or what you can achieve at work.

Forrest Personnel is a not-for-profit organisation committed to building stronger communities through increased employment and strong partnerships.  We are a specialist employment agency, delivering Disability Employment Services (DES) and National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS. Our business is helping job seekers with health conditions, including anxiety and depression, disability or injury to find sustainable work. We understand that looking for work can be challenging and it is our job to help you find a job. We are here to support you and to work together in partnership with you to achieve your job goals. We know that working is not only about financial benefits, but also about making new friends, learning new skills and giving you an overall sense of purpose.

We are good at this! Over our 30 years we have helped thousands of people with health conditions, disability or injury find sustainable employment. It is what we are passionate about.


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