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School Leavers Employment Supports

Forrest Personnel is a Registered NDIS provider of School Leaver Employment Supports or SLES.

SLES funding is used for capacity building designed to support young people with disabilities in the transition from school to employment. Targeted at young people with disabilities in their final year of school, SLES aims to improve the employability by helping them to develop their job skills and improve their confidence and independence.

SLES Mentors with Forrest Personnel promote opportunities for meaningful, suitable and sustainable employment for young people with disabilities. As well as developing job skills and building the confidence and aspirations of young people, Forrest Personnel SLES Mentors also work to build the capacity of young people to engage with and transition to Disability Employment Service (DES). In addition, your Forrest Personnel SLES Mentor can work with your school to build pathways for young people with disabilities between school and work.

  • Activities that explore individual interests and skills (discovery activities)
  • Specific skill development related to the field you want to work in
  • Work experience in an inclusive employment environment
  • Job training in the work environment
  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Money handling skills
  • Travel training
  • Personal development skills other foundation skills that enable engagement in work

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