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Lorraine’s Story

A great idea to build confidence is to re-train and upskill.

It’s common for people to face challenges when re-entering the workforce, especially after a long break from employment. A great idea to build confidence is to re-train and upskill. Lorraine did just that. Lorraine’s determination to go back to study and achieve certificates in accounting, bookkeeping, and business administration is truly commendable. However, after obtaining her new qualifications and despite her persistent efforts in applying for numerous job positions, Lorraine did not achieve the success she was hoping for.

Forrest Personnel recognised the need for Lorraine to improve her interview skills and upgrade her resume. With just 3 or 4 tailored training sessions aimed at boosting her self-assurance, Lorraine became well-prepared to re-enter the job market. And, after attending an interview at Broadwater Fencing & Powdercoaters Busselton, Busselton, Lorraine was offered the position of Administrative Officer.

Lorraine’s willingness to learn and develop new skills, along with her perseverance has enabled her to achieve meaningful employment. Congratulations to Lorraine on her successful journey!

The willingness of Broadwater Fencing & Powdercoaters to understand Lorraine’s background and provide her with an opportunity also highlights the importance of compassionate employers.