Why hire with Forrest Personnel: Information for Employers

Whether you own a small business or manage a government department, finding new ways to add value to your organisation is crucial.

Actively building a diverse workforce that welcomes and includes people of all abilities is one way to do this. It promotes teamwork and innovation which leads to improved productivity and performance.

If you’re a business, it can connect you to new customers and open up new markets. If you’re a government or not-for-profit organisation, it means you can better reflect the communities in which you work.

Building businesses, changing communities

Forrest Personnel helps local job seekers with an injury, illness or disability to find and keep meaningful employment. We know when one of our job seekers is given the chance to be part of the workforce, everyone’s world becomes richer. It means stronger businesses and thriving communities.

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Right person, right job

When the right person is in the right job, everyone benefits – which is why job matching is at the heart of what we do. When an employer approaches us with a new position, we do our due diligence.

We work with employers to identify which skills are required, then use this information to match the position to the right job seeker. We ensure they have the right skills and experience for the position, and we also conduct a workplace assessment to make sure our job seeker will be comfortable in the work environment they will be heading into.

Once we find you the right person for the job, we provide ongoing support to both of you for as long as is required. This support is tailored to each of our job seekers – it can include assisting in the training process, helping them develop their workplace skills or even driving them to work.

Whatever is needed, we will be there.

Financial support

Hiring one of our job seekers will not cost your organisation. In fact, you may be eligible for one of the government subsidies available to employers who do hire a person with an injury, illness or disability.

Staff retention

We don’t just help our job seekers – we know that injuries, illnesses and disabilities can affect anyone at any time. If one of your existing employees acquires an injury, illness or disability that puts their job at risk, we can help both of you to make workplace adjustments that will allow them to hold on to their job and allow you to retain a valued staff member.

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Zero costs

Forrest Personnel is a Disability Employment Services Provider, which means our services are free for employers, as part of the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Services scheme.

This means there are zero costs for employers. We don’t charge for finding candidates, nor for the ongoing support, we offer once they are employed.

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