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As an employer, building the right team is paramount to your success.
We know from experience that the right team includes people with an illness, injury or disability.

Beyond the moral argument, there is an extraordinarily strong business case for starting your recruitment search within this talent pool. Here are just some of the employer benefits of choosing one of our job seekers:



A productive employee, a more productive team

One of the biggest concerns you might have about our job seekers is whether they can do the job as well as your average employee. They can. Australian and international research has shown that employees with an injury, illness or disability are equally productive as your average employee. Moreover, there is also plenty of research that shows that employees with an injury, illness or disability act as catalysts for increased team productivity. Their enthusiasm and work ethic tends to be catching.

A more reliable employee

Our job seekers show up – sometimes more than your other employees. In fact, one Australian study showed that employees with an injury, illness or disability have nearly 40% fewer absentee days than the average employee.



A safer employee

Despite what you might instinctively believe, our job seekers are careful and safe. Not convinced? A report from the Australian Safety and Compensation Council found that evidence that the number of OH&S incidents among employees with a disability is not just lower than those among average employees, but six times lower. The same trend emerges when you compare workers compensation incidents – it’s four times lower among employees with a disability.



A long-term team member

When they have found the right employer, our job seekers prefer to stick with them. People with an injury, illness or disability can find it tricky to secure employment, so when they find an employer who presents them with the right opportunities, they repay them by becoming very loyal employees. Some studies suggest that staff turnover among people with a disability is around half that of average employees – meaning their employer benefits from savings in recruitment and training costs.



Better market awareness

To be successful in any business, you need to know your market. Your market includes people with a disability – in fact 1 in 5 of your clients or customers will have a disability. You might not be able to see it, but if you choose to employ one of our job seekers, they can help you understand and better serve the needs of this significant client group.



Reduced recruitment costs

Job ads, sifting through resumes, time-consuming interviews – the true costs of traditional recruitment methods do add up. Recruiting through disability employment services is free for employers. We find you the right employee for the job, and we don’t charge you a cent for it.



In addition to the above, if you choose to employ one of our job seekers you may also be eligible for government subsidies or incentives. To find out more about other

employer benefits and what our job seekers can offer your business, contact us today.