Lauren’s Story

Lauren came to Forrest Personnel many years ago to get support finding a job.

Our support resulted in Lauren working for Alpine Laundry for 12 years. However, when the company updated components of the laundry machinery which automated some of the tasks, Lauren was left without a job.

We worked with Lauren again to support her job-hunting efforts and she worked for a short period with McDonalds. Earlier this year, she had the opportunity to become employed once again with Alpine Laundry when a suitable position came up. Forrest Personnel has a very positive relationship with Alpine Laundry and through our collaborative efforts and as Lauren was already well known and highly regarded by the Manager of the company, they were very happy to re-employ her.

Lauren’s job keeps her busy feeding wet sheets into a machine which then come out the other end completely dry and folded. She also takes turns with other employees replacing the huge linen cages with more wet sheets when required.
Working two days a week on the afternoon shift from 2-8pm is perfect for Lauren and she says she loves her job! “I’m really happy to be working with a supportive team back at Alpine Laundry,” she says.