Eric’s Story

08 Nov 2022

Working in a hotel was not where Eric expected to find himself. After years of working as a courier driver, he was more at home behind the wheel. But in May 2021 he experienced a stroke, meaning he w...

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Raewyn Brownhill - a woman is dressed in a blue shirt with a logo that reads Yappy Days Doggy Daycare. A grey dog is sitting next to her.

Raewyn Brownhill: Finding a new direction

23 Jun 2022

Ongoing back issues kept Raewyn Brownhill out of the workforce for the best part of a decade, but our Kwinana-Rockingham team worked with her to build her experience and confidence so she was able to ...

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A woman and two men dressed in business attire are standing together, smiling and cutting a cake which has a decorative logo that reads Forrest Personnel.

Spencer Street facility creates new opportunities for participants

02 Jun 2022

A new facility in the heart of Bunbury will provide Forrest Personnel participants with greater opportunities to access services and prepare for meaningful employment. The new facility at 90 Spencer ...

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Head and shoulders photograph of Nick Gledhill, a man with white hair and glasses.

Nick Gledhill: Still getting a buzz from helping others

28 Apr 2022

After almost 10 years, Forrest Personnel Employment Consultant Nick Gledhill still gets a real buzz from his job. Nick is one of our employment consultants based in the South West – he works with p...

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Ben Aldridge is leaning his chin on his fist and is looking at the camera. He is wearing a shirt made of different fabrics with different colours

Ben Aldridge: We need to see the true value of veterans

25 Apr 2022

Employers need to change the way they view the skills and experience of veterans and start finding opportunities to better support them, writes veteran and Forrest Personnel Board Director Ben Aldrid...

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Stephanie Rocca is pictured. She is a young woman wearing business attire and she is standing in front of a sign that reads accessability - connect, belong, achieve.

Stephanie Rocca: Finding the right fit

24 Mar 2022

Stephanie Rocca completed work experience with Accessability Narrogin as part of Forrest Personnel's WorkAbility Week. That led to a paid position, which has allowed Stephanie to work towards her goa...

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A woman in a blue shirt, named Donna Bastow, is holding a bunch of native Australian flowers.

Donna Bastow: Celebrating 25 years

10 Mar 2022

When you love your job, the years can pass by very quickly. Or so says Donna Bastow, one of our employment consultants who has just celebrated 25 years with Forrest Personnel. Donna came to Forrest P...

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Three men stand in a line outside a business. They are wearing polo with Prime Supplies Written on them. Forrest Personnel participant Jacob Light-Burgess is standing in the middle and smiling.

Jacob Light-Burgess: Beyond the 9 to 5

17 Feb 2022

A 9 to 5 desk job was never going to work for Jacob Light-Burgess. “I hate sitting inside,” he says. “I love being outside and going on adventures. I love my fishing – I could sit on a beach...

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Lynne Harwood: the importance of inclusive education

24 Jan 2022

Today is the International Day of Education. As far as dedicated days go, this is a relatively new one – it was only dedicated by the United Nations back in 2019 – and it has never been more impor...

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Lynne Harwood: Reflections on my first two months at Forrest Personnel

18 Jan 2022

I can’t believe I’m nearing the end of my second month with Forrest Personnel already. With the new year already three weeks in, it’s timely to reflect on what I have learned so far and how 2022...

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Image features text that reads International Day of People with Disability 3 December.

Lynne Harwood: Meaningful employment key to IDPWD vision

02 Dec 2021

After nearly two years of weathering COVID-19, it is fitting that this year’s International Day of People with Disability is asking us all to think about what comes next. In full, the theme is “L...

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A picture of the four new directors joining the Forrest Personnel board

New Directors welcomed to Forrest Personnel Board

22 Nov 2021

Four new directors have been appointed to the Forrest Personnel board, bringing with them decades of valuable knowledge and skills that will prove an asset to the organisation as it pursues its strate...

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Close up picture of Ben Aldridge, a man who is wearing a black hat and is smiling.

Ben Aldridge: Finding a new perspective on disability

17 Nov 2021

After breaking his back in a fall, Ben Aldridge was forced to rethink his own ideas around disability. After spending some years working at Forrest Personnel, he has started up his own business. This ...

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Three people standing in a group, one is holding a glass award another is holding a certificate.

Anytime Fitness Busselton: Our Inclusivity & Diversity Award Winners

15 Nov 2021

Anytime Fitness Busselton has won this year’s Inclusivity and Diversity Award at the 2021 Business Excellence Awards, run jointly by the Busselton and the Dunsborough Yallingup Chambers of Commerce ...

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Lynne Harwood announced as new CEO for Forrest Personnel

05 Nov 2021

We are excited to announce Forrest Personnel’s new CEO, Lynne Harwood, will be starting with us at the end of November.   Lynne brings over 20 years of experience as a CEO in the communit...

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A group of three people from Jones Welding Solutions smiling and holding a framed certificate and an award trophy

Jones Welding Solutions: Our Diversity & Inclusion Award Winners

04 Nov 2021

A recruitment strategy that actively boosts workplace diversity has helped Jones Welding Solutions win the Diversity and Inclusion Award at this year’s BSW Connect South West Business Excellence Awa...

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Group of ten people standing together at Western Power offices.

WorkAbilty Week: Building workplace diversity with Western Power.

27 Oct 2021

This year we were fortunate enough to again partner with Western Power for WorkAbility Week, placing job seekers at their offices and depots across the State. A total of 18  job seekers gained valua...

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A male and female warehouse working wearing orange work vests and hardhats look at a clipboard.

WorkAbility Week launches in WA

11 Oct 2021

Employers across WA will this week be participating in WorkAbility Week, creating opportunities for employers and job seekers alike to experience the power of meaningful work. WorkAbility Week is an ...

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Young female cafe employee using a tablet device for work

WorkAbility Week offers WA businesses chance to build better workplaces

08 Sep 2021

This October, Western Australian businesses are being called on to participate in Workability Week and experience the benefits of building a diverse and inclusive workplace. WorkAbility Week is an ...

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Two men measuring a machine part.

All abilities needed to solve WA skills shortage

29 Jul 2021

Business and industry leaders must not overlook the valuable skills and experience of people living with a disability as they debate the best way to solve WA’s skills shortage. Tomorrow Premier Mar...

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Cheryl is standing behind the counter of the Bunbury Geographe Motor Museum. She is smiling and looking at the camera

“Volunteering is a chance to upskill” – Chenayah Spargo

01 Jun 2021

Volunteering is an important strategy when getting work ready or building confidence to enter the work force. It’s a tool that Forrest Personnel Employment Consultants put to good use on a regular b...

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Rohan is sitting at his desk with his hands on his keyboard and mouse. He is looking at the camera and smiling

How and why we keep the conversation at Forrest focused on jobs

01 Jun 2021

At Forrest Personnel, we’re all about jobs – finding them and keeping them. Therefore, it’s important that we keep the pulse and the conversation firmly focused on that outcome. In fact, one of...

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Two small green seedlings in soil

Capacity building: From small things, big things grow

03 May 2021

“There are real jobs out there in this sector,” Brendan Kelly tells us as we tour around the Leschenault Community Nursery (LCN). “It’s just a question of matching the right person to the righ...

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Brett Hansen is leaning against a wall. He is wearing a blue shirt and smiling at the camera. There is a poster on the wall that says Job Club

How Brett Hansen and Job Club prepare people for the world of work

01 May 2021

Job Club is an opportunity for Forrest Personnel job seekers to come together once a week. Complementing Forrest Personnel’s individualised services, sessions are designed to support people to devel...

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Nick is looking at the camera. He is wearing a blue shirt and glasses. There is a tree in the background

Why doing what we say is a guiding principle at Forrest Personnel

01 May 2021

Job hunting can be an overwhelming experience for some. In this article, three Forrest Personnel team members reflect on how the process of working with a job seeker is an important part of supporting...

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Ben Aldridge is seated. Standing behind him are Bronwyn McGann, Jess Aldridge, Lauren Aldridge and Lisa Hall

30 Foot Drop wins Diversity and Inclusivity Award at gala evening!

01 Apr 2021

We were delighted to be present at the 2020 South West Business Excellence Awards on Saturday 27 March. These awards are brought to life by Bunbury-based BSW Connect. According to their website, the o...

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Shelley Mayo is smiling and looking at the camera. She is standing with her back to a vine growing on a wire lattice against a vertical wall

What our team members have to say about being on time

01 Apr 2021

We have a set of guiding principles at Forrest Personnel. They serve to inform our day-to-day engagements and interactions. For the second in our series of articles, we’ve checked in with a few of o...

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Brodie, Samantha, Frankie and Jamie are smiling and looking at the camera. They are standing in front of a wall mural

Meet our Albany team and discover what inspires them in their day to day

01 Apr 2021

We have some sparkling new photos of our Albany team, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to tell you a little about each of them with a focus on uncovering their personal inspirations for ...

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Brodie is standing and smiling for the camera. He is wearing a blue shirt and has a painted wall mural behind him

Why it’s so important to welcome people enthusiastically

02 Mar 2021

At Forrest Personnel, we have a set of guiding principles. The idea is that these four principles inform and underpin our day-to-day engagements. In a series of posts, with contributions from team ...

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Ben Aldridge is leaning his chin on his fist and is looking at the camera. He is wearing a shirt made of different fabrics with different colours

Disability advocate Ben Aldridge introduces WorkABILITY Connect

28 Feb 2021

If you’re a business owner or manager, chances are that you want to add value to your business and develop or maintain your competitive edge. If you’re from the government or non-profit sector,...

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Yellow and blue graphic with the words: Containers for threads and heads, supporting participants in need

Raising funds for essentials: Containers for Threads and Heads

28 Feb 2021

At Forrest Personnel, we’re raising funds as part of a campaign. Why, you may ask? In order to ensure their success, we need to support job seekers to put their best foot forward, and there is no...

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Juile Waylen is smiling and looking at the camera. There is an NDS logo behind her

A very short guide to the history of Forrest Personnel

01 Feb 2021

It’s the beginning of another year, and the perfect time to reflect on our history. We take pride in sharing this Forrest Personnel origin story, a version of which was published in our 2019-2020 Qu...

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Blue, yellow and white graphic with gears and the words: Tips for building momentum after the holidays

Tips for building momentum after the holiday season is over

01 Feb 2021

We know that many of us work frantically before any holiday to tie up the loose ends and leave things where we want them left. This often means leaving for a holiday after having built up lots of mome...

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Warandi Boodja, a 5.5 metre steel bust sculpture that represents the face of a Noongar elder

The journey toward a Reconciliation Action Plan for Forrest Personnel

01 Feb 2021

During NAIDOC week 2020, Forrest Personnel CEO, Anna Bagshaw, confirmed that we were beginning the co-design of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for the organisation. She announced by video that: ...

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Purple, yellow and white graphic that says: There are 2.1 million Australians of working age with disability

The startling workplace stats about people with disability

30 Nov 2020

It’s December, and the month that hosts the International Day of People with Disability on its third day. Global significance As we mentioned in an article posted last month, this is a United ...

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Anna Bagshaw is sitting at a desk with a headset and her hands on a keyboard. She is looking at a computer screen

CEO Anna Bagshaw reflects on outcomes of digital conference

30 Nov 2020

Forrest Personnel CEO, Anna Bagshaw, was recently part of a National Disability Services (NDS) virtual event entitled Disability employment in a digital world. Anna participated in a panel of experts ...

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Alicia stands third from left in a group of LEAD graduates. They are standing and smiling for the camera

Alicia participates in LEAD and discovers her leadership style

30 Nov 2020

Alicia Roche, Team Leader of our Geraldton office, recently graduated from the LEAD (Leadership, Exploration and Development) program offered by non-profit Ngala. We decided to take this opportunit...

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A graphic with abstract blue, yellow and green shapes with the text: Thinking ahead to International Day of People with Disability - 3 Dec

Thinking ahead to International Day of People with Disability

01 Nov 2020

Coming up on 3 December is the International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD). This is a United Nations’ (UN) sanctioned day and has been supported by the Australian Government since 1996. M...

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A graphic with a purple background, a grey mountain and text: Mountain Climbing, a mental health resource

Mountain Climbing: A mental health resource for jobseekers and others

01 Nov 2020

In October, we marked Mental Health Month in Australia. It gave us a lot to think about. According to the Australian Government Department of Health website, “almost half of all Australians aged 16 ...

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Two men in orange hi-vis are giving a thumbs up sign. There is a vehicle parked behind them

Diary of a WorkABILITY Day adventure with Western Power

01 Nov 2020

WorkABILITY Day 2020 was a big day out for many employers and Forrest Personnel participants. Western Power was a key partner this year, and hosted 10 participants across the state. Meet Neil and D...

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Two people are sitting in Small's Bar. They are sitting side by side, and looking towards each other.

How storytelling can help your business stand out

02 Oct 2020

At Forrest Personnel, we’ve been thinking about – and doing a lot of – storytelling. We’ve been storytelling about our participants and staff, and are about to launch a few employer stories to...

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One person is leaning against the sales counter in a flower shop and smiling at the camera

WorkABILITY Day 2020: Our big day out for employers and participants

02 Oct 2020

Variety is a key theme that emerged from our annual WorkABILITY Day 2020. It was an action-packed day of adventure during which employers provided Forrest Personnel participants with work experience o...

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White text on plant leaves: Inspire your teams!

Five fun and free activities to inspire your teams this spring

02 Oct 2020

The weather is warming, the winds are howling less and the sun is shining a little bit more. This sounds like a great time for some team building – the gathering of the troops after a cold winter to...

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Two people are standing and holding on to a large clay pot

WorkABILITY Day 2020: 50 for 50 Challenge

25 Aug 2020

Get Involved – 16 September 2020 Forrest Personnel’s WorkABILITY Day is about celebrating workplace diversity by hosting someone who is keen to work for your business and to showcase their abil...

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Work experience participant Isaac is sitting at the front desk of Forrest Personnel with his hands on the keyboard while looking at the camera

Meet Isaac and discover the benefits of work experience for participants and employers

24 Aug 2020

Work experience is an important and proven way for participants hoping to enter the job market to gain skills and knowledge. It also provides participating employers with exposure to potentially valua...

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Two people are sitting on chairs at a desk and looking at the camera

We are looking for Employer Champions

22 Jul 2020

What Forrest Personnel does Forrest Personnel supports people with health conditions, injuries or disabilities find and keep paid employment. We help employers fill vacancies and work with a range ...

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Three people are standing and holding two framed certificates

Finding and keeping a job during Covid-19

22 Jul 2020

Finding and keeping a job during the Covid-19 period deserves to be celebrated! Forrest Personnel did just that in June. Acknowledgement for participants and employers While the past few months...

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Four people are sitting around a table and looking at two laptop computers.

Making a start on mental health in the workplace

14 Jun 2020

Every workplace is unique. However, one thing that all workplaces have in common is the benefits that come from prioritising mental health strategies to promote mental wellbeing in staff. Nurture a...

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COVIDSafe – Let’s work together to help better protect us all

01 May 2020

We’re encouraging all our staff, clients and community partners to join us in downloading the government’s COVIDSafe app. We support this important government initiative.  The COVIDSafe app sp...

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JobKeeper payment – Where to go for information?

09 Apr 2020

JobKeeper payment – Where to go for information? Now that the government has the JobKeeper payment sorted in parliament as of 8/4/20, where should you go for the right information?  We reckon th...

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Veterans Survey – we’re committed to helping with transition from military to civilian life more positive

17 Jan 2020

Are YOU a Veteran?  We want to know what you think.  Are you a veteran and will you tell us about your transition from military to civilian life? We’d like to know more about you. At For...

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A person in a fluro top is standing behind a row of trolleys

Ryan and the Farmers Market: Diversity and inclusion in action

22 Nov 2019

The Bunbury Farmers Market is a great place to find an abundance of diverse and fresh food while also supporting local farmers. The Market is also an employer that embraces and promotes diversity and ...

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Forrest Personnel Partners with Wheatbelt Shire for Diversity, Access and Inclusion Focus

22 Nov 2019

Forrest Personnel is delighted to work in partnership with the Shire of Pingelly to increase awareness around diversity, access and inclusion. This week (22.11.19) the Shire of Pingelly was the FIR...

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Three men standing in front of furnace

Successful Partnership Continues to Pay Off

17 Apr 2019

South32 Worsley Alumina and Forrest Personnel are continuing to provide meaningful employment opportunities for people with health conditions, injuries and disabilities. Worsley Alumina Vice Presiden...

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Painting of trees and water

Saying Thank You Through Art

07 Jan 2019

When aspiring Bunbury artist, Warren Capp, presented a portrait he had painted to Forrest Personnel as a way of saying thank you, he had no idea how it would confirm the importance of our core mission...

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Christmas decoration

Five Ways to Survive and Thrive this Festive Season

13 Dec 2018

December can be a bit bonkers.  Officially it’s ‘the season to be jolly’, to celebrate and share and spend time with loved ones. Often it’s all these things. But it can also be stressful and ...

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CEO BGCCI Mark Seaward, CEO Forrest Personnel, Anna Bagshaw, MLA, Don Punch and CEO Enable, Robert Holmes at Forrest Personnel Friday the 9th of November, 2018.

A ‘Certified Local’ – that’s us!

09 Nov 2018

As a leading Not-for-Profit organisation, Forrest Personnel in conjunction with the Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and supported by MLA, Don Punch has worked closely on a ‘Certified Local’ ...

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Picture of someone being nterviewed

Handling Interview Nerves

24 Oct 2018

Keeping calm during a job interview is quite a skill. Ask the people around you, and you would be hard-pressed to find a person who brims with excitement and anticipation for the thrill that is a job ...

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Group photo of people participating in workability day

WorkABILITY DAY Initiative Gaining Momentum

01 Oct 2018

FORREST Personnel are celebrating the success of a state-wide initiative giving people with disabilities, health conditions and injuries work experience opportunities that are leading to ongoing paid ...

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School leavers with questions

Parents: 3 Tips for Preparing Your School Leaver for Work

24 Sep 2018

Over a decade of schooling has prepared your young adult for the new wide world of employment. Starting on a new chapter, and with the safety of routine and consistency of school life ending, often b...

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Staff cataloguing spare parts

Chris improves parts cataloguing process

12 Sep 2018

Meet Chris Young, who has been working at the South32 Refinery helping catalogue parts in the warehouse. Chris has been taking photos of high turnover parts and uploading them to enhance ROAM's parts...

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sign post with words associated with work experience and career

Making the Most of Your Work Experience Opportunity

27 Aug 2018

Gaining work experience or a volunteering engagement is a valuable opportunity to spend time with a specific employer, job or industry, either observing others perform a job, performing a role yoursel...

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Charlie Brown sitting on a log with speech bubble saying,

4 Keys to Managing Job Search Stress

16 Jul 2018

You would be very fortunate never to experience the stress of searching for a job at some point in your life. Let’s face it: the reality of resume writing, networking, job searching, and interviewi...

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Retention word on rings in a cycle or circle to illustrate keeping, retaining and holding customers or employees

Retention versus Recruiting

07 Jun 2018

HR experts tell us time and time again that the benefits of investing a little in staff training and retention far outweighs those in recruiting new staff – and the benefits stretch far beyond just ...

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HR or Personnel words on a sticky note surrounded by advice on how to get and keep new employees or workers -- attract, hire, train, reward and retain

The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

09 May 2018

Over 4.3 million Australians – that is nearly 1 in 5 of us – experience disability (ABS, 2016). Hiring and welcoming staff of diverse abilities is not only the right thing to do, it also makes sou...

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Disability Support Award nominee Deb Franks and people that have nominated her for the award

Disability Services Award Nominees

26 Apr 2018

The WA Disability Support Awards are run on an annual basis through National Disability Services. Each year sees more and more submissions and it is always a sold-out event. The purpose of the awards ...

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Resume word cloud

How to Explain Employment Gaps in your Resume

10 Apr 2018

One of the most difficult obstacles a job seeker faces is knowing how to address the gaps in employment history. Many life circumstances can lead to absences from the workplace and breaks in employmen...

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Thank you on blue background

Forrest Personnel is expanding

04 Apr 2018

Forrest Personnel is expanding our services and continuing our commitment to provide genuine and caring support to help people on their journey to employment.  This is in recognition of the valueable...

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resume image

Digital Resumes and Portfolios – Career Strategy to Set You Apart

27 Feb 2018

Digital Resumes and Online Portfolios Employers often use behavioural-based questions and selection criteria to centre on real-life examples to demonstrate past experiences, skills and transferable...

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People train empower reward

Helping to boost your business

09 Feb 2018

Why Employ with Forrest Personnel? With over 30 years of experience in 17 regional and city sites, WA businesses trust us to deliver exactly what we promise.  We know and understand that your busin...

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Young Mum holding son

Parents Returning To The Workforce: Forrest Personnel’s Top Tips

06 Feb 2018

Returning to work after being an at-home parent is often both an exciting and daunting time. How do you market yourself with appeal to an employer? What are employers expecting of your application? ...

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Community Engagement Coordinator Lee Griffiths and staff from Pinjarra Medical Centre

Forrest Personnel Introduces Community Engagement

25 Jan 2018

At Forrest Personnel we realise that Employers, Allied Health Professionals and Community Organisations are time poor. As such our Community Engagement Coordinators are meeting those that need to...

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I Support the NDIS

NDIS: Key Information and WA NDIS Update

11 Jan 2018

By 2019, the NDIS will have changed the way over 460,000 Australians under the age of 65 living with permanent and significant disability are able to access individualised support, while enabling indi...

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