Value Added Service

Display of completed scanning work

Tracey Woodbridge is providing a valuable scanning service at Worsley that will benefit the refinery for many years to come.  She is tasked with creating a readable PDF version of their hard copy records, that have been stored on and off site for many years.

“It’s a pretty straightforward job, but I feel like I’m achieving results. It’s satisfying when you finish off a series or a year of drawings or records and you can file them away electronically,” Tracey said.


Mreee Keady-McCallum from Drawing Office Document Control has nothing but praise for her, “Tracey is meticulous in her work and the team would be lost without her.”

Tracey has now scanned to PDF, over 70,000 hard copy drawings for the Drawing Office and 15,000+ for the BRDA Group.  She has also assisted in urgent requests for audits and Discovery Notices.

The word is getting out there and more and more requests for scanning are being received from other areas of the Refinery.

South32 Worsley Alumina and Forrest Personnel are continuing to build on this successful partnership, working together to provide meaningful employment opportunities for people with health conditions, disability or injury.