Valuable Workplace Experience

Daniel Shepherd and John Ottaway

Meet Daniel Shepherd and John Ottaway who are proud to be involved with the design and planting of the Colin Whitton Memorial garden at the Worsley Refinery.

Daniel and John are part of the Forrest Personnel gardening team who are gaining valuable workplace experience.

John says he not too keen on the early starts but once he’s at work the very friendly people on site make his day.  Daniel is deaf, so staff have learnt that he may not realise they are saying hello unless he’s making eye contact and he can then lip read their greeting.

Both contractors have been at Worsley since the middle of last year and their Post-Placement Supervisor Kylie Coulter, said they are hard workers who enjoy being outdoors.

“Forrest Personnel’s relationship with South32 continues to develop and we have received so much positive feedback about our contractors and the great work they are doing around the place.”

“I think when we were given the task to set up the Colin Whitton memorial garden, it really created a sense of ownership for John and Daniel.  They’ve invested in the design and planting of the memorial and continue to ensure the maintenance is kept up.  It’s a special place for all of us,” Kylie said.