Tenille’s Work ABILITY Leads to Employment

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A well-known Bridgetown volunteer and community member who lives with Down Syndrome, has accepted an offer of employment with the Bridgetown Community Resource Centre resulting from an opportunity provided through Forrest Personnel’s 2018 WorkABILITY Day.

Tenille is a well-known, bubbly character in Bridgetown. If you head to the gym, op shops, any café, and lawn bowls or just down the main street, chances are you would know Tenille. She will stop for a chat or yell out from across the road to say “Hi!” For years she has volunteered her time throughout the Bridgetown community, proving that she can be a valued member of the workforce.

The Bridgetown Community Resource Centre (CRC)was happy to offer Tenille a work experience opportunity as part of Forrest Personnel’s WorkABILITY Day back in August.    Working hard towards her goal of getting a job with assistance from Forrest Personnel and Cam Can, Tenille was offered a trial run as the cleaner at the centre in December.  Not long after, Tenille was officially offered employment in this role.

Her Forrest Personnel Employment Consultant, Lindell Verelst said “We are all so proud of Tenille’s commitment and efforts to her role. She has worked hard within the Bridgetown Community, and we are so excited she has been given an opportunity to receive a paying role that she deserves. John Nicholas and the team at the Community Resource Centre provide a warm, caring and safe environment for Tenille to thrive. With the support from Forrest Personnel and Cam Can, I am sure she will continue her fantastic work with that lovely big welcoming smile on her face.”

Bridgetown Community Resource Manager John Nicholas said, he and the Management Committee were delighted to be able to offer Tenille the position at the CRC, saying that “She has performed to a high standard since her appointment.”

Cam Can, Service Coordinator, Nat Taylor added “Having a job is one of the most significant roles in anyone’s life.  Cam Can’s primary focus is to support people to live good lives with great relationships within their community. Tenille has great pride in her position and being part of the “CRC family.”  Her job has increased her connection to her community and truly enriched her life. “

Forrest Personnel are proud of Tenille and look forward to her continued success. We also value and appreciate our collaboration with community organisations and employers such as Cam Can and The Bridgetown Community Resources Centre in supporting and providing life changing employment opportunities.