She Stood in the Hot Sun

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For Peter Raseta, finding a job through Forrest Personnel made a huge impact financially, but it was the ‘insignificant’ moments that created lasting memories.

Peter is a family man living with an acquired brain injury from a car accident. After moving to Bunbury last year to be closer to family, he was finding it difficult to get work.

But some quick thinking by Talia, his partner, introduced him to Forrest Personnel.  15 years ago, Talia had gotten a job through us, and she wanted Peter to have a similar experience.

Fast forward to 2019, and Peter talks openly about how much his new job with Westralian Cleaning Services means, and what a difference it’s making to the family budget.

Not only that, a recent audit of Peter’s cleaning work at Target by Westralian’s Manager, Tony Weatherstone, returned 97%; an outstanding result according to Tony.

Our GM, Brett Coate, recently got a chance to catch up.  Peter talked about how grateful he was to be working.  Then he mentioned the smiles from our team that meant so much when he was at his lowest points.

“Everyone at the front desk gives me such a warm welcome,” he said.  “I’m made to feel special whenever I walk through the front door.  They really listen to you.”

Then he spoke about his consultant, her caring nature and listening ear, always taking time to assist him.  “She even stood by me in the hot sun while supporting me at work,” he said.  “That said so much to me.”

When Brett asked further, Peter mentioned Donna Bastow.  Talia said she also remembered Donna from 15 years ago.  Life truly does move in circles.

There are a lot of big lessons we can learn from Peter’s story, and how seemingly little actions can mean so much in ways that words cannot.

At Forrest Personnel this makes us more determined than ever to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who walks into our offices.

Brett asked Peter what he thought about it all.  “Simple,” he replied. “I tell everyone living with a disability and looking for work to come to Forrest Personnel.”