Sandra: Doing a good job while on the job

Sandra is standing with trolleys and smiling

We recently heard a terrific story (more on this later) about Sandra and her good deed while working as a trolley collector in Albany.

We’re always keen to learn more about people who do a good job while on the job, and thus we gave her a call.

A warm and friendly person

Although we didn’t get to interview her in person for this story, we could feel her warmth and enthusiasm over the phone. As it turns out, Sandra has ‘done’ trolleys for many years. We asked her what she likes about her trolley work. “I like meeting different kinds of people” she told us.

Catching our attention

The story that prompted our curiosity was when Josh Treeby, Assistant Store Manager at Woolworths, Dog Rock Shopping Centre in Albany, took a call from an appreciative customer who was grateful to Sandra for saving the day. She was pleasantly surprised by this expression of gratitude, and recalled that: “I was sure the call was from the lady who was loading her shopping into her car boot when the trolley started rolling away. I managed to grab it and stop it from hitting another vehicle.” Hurray, we say!

Sandra is standing with Josh in front of the Woolworths entrance

Sandra with Josh Treeby, Assistant Store Manager at Woolworths, Dog Rock Shopping Centre, Albany. Photo by Krysta Guille

Not only was Sandra thanked by the customer, but a gift – a big box of chocolates – was awaiting collection at the service counter. She was pleased to have been recognised for her good deed, and pointed out that: “helping customers is part of my job.”

Genuine commitment

Other tales of Sandra’s on-the-job commitment to helping customers are not a secret. There’s the story about the older woman who shops on Tuesdays with Sandra leaving a trolley in a strategic location for the customer to collect. There’s the story of the customer’s trolley that tipped over with Sandra appearing on the scene to put things right.

Sandra has her back to the camera and is working with the trolleys

Sandra on the job. Photo by Krysta Guille

It surely takes strength to deal in trolleys. Pushing them is one thing, capturing delinquent ones is another, but getting them back on their wheels is a whole other matter. As it turns out, she compliments her trolley work with other physical pursuits including cycling, gardening and walking with her dog Visa.

Recipe for success

Sandra, it would appear, has found a recipe for her on-the-job success and longevity: being customer focused and engaging in complimentary pursuits that keep her fit and doing the best job she can do. Carry on Sandra!

Feature photo: Sandra with trolleys in front of an entrance to Woolworths, Dog Rock Shopping Centre, Albany. Photo by Krysta Guille

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