LEADing the Way with Nigel Tremain and Alicia Roche

Nigel Tremain is sitting on a sofa and has his right arm extended along the back of the sofa

Alicia Roche, Team Leader of our Geraldton office, has been involved in the LEAD (Leadership, Exploration and Development) program offered by non-profit Ngala.

What’s LEADing the Way?

As part of her journey, Alicia’s undertaken a community project she’s called LEADing the Way. Her goal is to showcase the contributions people have made as a result of gaining meaningful employment.

Alicia’s first participant

Nigel Tremain is the first person to graciously accept Alicia’s challenge. He is keen to promote alternative ways of considering people for employment.

According to Alicia: “Hopefully as a community we can challenge perceptions and break down stigma attached to people with disability in the workplace. Let’s work towards a world where no ability is wasted.”

“Working means I have purpose”

Nigel offered up the following biographical details and words of wisdom: “Currently I am working as a support worker for a local agency that supports people with mental health issues and offers respite and accommodation. I feel my strengths are that I am compassionate, empathetic, assertive, diligent, intelligent, persistent and non-judgemental.

For me, working means I have a purpose and have the freedom to help others. I am also able to connect with others in my community. My mental health has generally improved through working again, and I certainly enjoy life more. I study, am involved in the community and church, walk and enjoy my home life.

Never assume you know a person’s capabilities. For people to be more aware and adaptable to working with people with disability, we need to look at the interviewing process and consider work trials where ability can be demonstrated. Listen to the person, they know the environment they need to function in best.”

LEAD is a leadership exploration and development journey which encompasses learning from the life experiences of Midwest business and community leaders, and the development of participants’ unique leadership styles and qualities.

If you have any questions about Alicia’s LEADing the Way project or Nigel’s words of wisdom, please reach out to her directly at 1800 224 548.

Photo: Nigel Tremain by Alicia Roche

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