Nic finds his niche

Nic watering the gardens at Worsley South32

In July Nicholas (Nic) from Australind will celebrate a year of doing work he loves at mining giant Worsley’s Alumina South 32 refinery.

Now aged nineteen, Nic was diagnosed with autism as a pre-schooler. After finishing Year 12 he explored customer service careers in the retail and recreation sectors. However, it was horticulture that really sparked his interest.  While he’d proved his worth as a capable, hardworking team member wherever he worked, Nic was drawn to ‘hands on’ outdoor work.

Forrest Personnel partners with Worsley to place people in a range of roles at the refinery. According to Dino Otranto, Vice President Operations at South 32, the Forrest Personnel crew are,

“doing a brilliant job and their efforts are certainly being noticed by many people across the organisation.”

Nic has found his niche in the garden maintenance team.

Besides learning to operate gardening machinery safely and efficiently, Nic now knows heaps about cultivating and caring for landscaped gardens. His skilful contribution to keeping the gardens looking great wins compliments from colleagues and visiting contractors. He also gets to enjoy,
“seeing different things I’d never noticed before – like birds nesting and kangaroos lounging on the lawns.”

In a workplace culture that values inclusion and sustained community commitment, Nic is a valued employee who appreciates “being treated no differently from anyone else.”

 He is recognised for being hard working, adaptable and keen to learn new skills. Moreover, his mum and dad and the rest of his family are really proud of Nic’s achievements at South32 and this means a lot to him.