Meet Shae and discover her many passions

A blue background with cleaning supplies and the yellow words: Cleaning makes me happy, Shae Murray (who also loves her dogs, her music and her succulents)

We’d love you to meet Shae. She’s camera shy. So, we’re asking you to imagine a young woman with a radiant smile, funky glasses, and loads of energy and enthusiasm.

This is a young woman who has a rare gift – she loves to clean! She’s also passionate about listening to music, her two dogs Tasia and Charlie (nick named Charlie Chops), collecting succulent plants and reading true crime books. That’s an eclectic collection of passions!

A short history of cleaning

During a short conversation with Shae, we became really curious and wanted to know: Where did this love of cleaning come from. “I love the satisfaction that it gives me,” she told us.

She also reminisced about her childhood. When she was in school, she described how she “begged her mother to let her stay home from school so she could clean.”

This is a woman who cleans and it makes her happy. We recently created a social media post with that famous Mark Twain quote: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” We’d certainly say that Shae has arrived at that very special place of loving her work. This is a place that is so elusive to so many in the modern world of work.

Delivering on her passion

She’s cleaned at many familiar places in Bunbury including the Dolphin Discovery Centre and the Bunbury Forum. Right now, she’s employed by Hayes Recruiting and has a couple of cleaning assignments on the go.

Shae and her beats

Her love of music is a theme that weaves itself through the strands of our conversation. She sometimes wears her beats (headphones) when she cleans, but is happy to take them off to have a chat. She knows the length of selected albums (including Metallica). If everything is timed perfectly, an album can keep her company for an entire cleaning assignment.

Perfectly positioned

What better love could one have in our Covid-19 world than a love of cleaning? We reckon that Shae is really well equipped to negotiate the world of work where hygiene takes top billing.

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