Lorelei Giorgi and the ultimate guide to being prepared

Lorelei Giorgi is standing with her back to a colourful wall mural featuring a young person wearing a red T-shirt and yellow cap

Lorelei Giorgi is a job seeker and we’ve been journeying alongside her for several months to see how she’s travelling.

After a few encounters that include a WorkABILITY Day stint with the Shire of Harvey, participation in the ‘Social media for not-for-profits’ workshop run by IPS Management Consultants, and a visit to the Withers Progress Association where she volunteers, it was evident that Lorelei is well prepared to move into sustainable paid employment.

Here is the ultimate guide to being prepared for the interview (formal or informal) that we penned while moving in parallel with Lorelei.

Know how to describe yourself to an employer

Lorelei describes herself as hardworking, punctual and willing to learn new skills. It’s critical to have a short and concise list of the qualities that you have on offer. What’s the state of your list?

Be clear about why you want to work

According to Lorelei: “I want to help people. But I don’t want to do stuff for people. I want to support people to be more independent.” Lorelei added that: “I want to learn new things.” She also told us that she appreciates the opportunity to meet new people. Are you clear about what motivates you to work?

Those folks who say positive things

You know those people you need lined up to say authentic yet glowing words about you? Well, track them down, and make sure you don’t lose contact. In our travels with Lorelei, we know that she has a few of them in the wings. After her WorkABILITY Day stint with the Shire of Harvey, President and Counsellor Paul Gillett said: “It was fantastic to have Lorelei in the Shire of Harvey office for the day and she made a valuable contribution helping out the community development team.” Woo-hoo Lorelei!

We also came across Tammy Hermon, Secretary of the Withers Progress Association, at which Lorelei volunteers. She told us that: “Lorelei is absolutely invaluable when it comes to our end-of-year event.” Now, that’s what employers like to hear about prospective employees!

What does work provide for you?

This isn’t necessarily a question an employer would ask, but it’s good to have a short list at the ready. Having a mindset with some space for gratitude is never a bad thing. When asked this question, Lorelei talked about how earning an income supports independence. She has a licence and drives. Earning a wage funds her transportation and makes getting to work much more manageable.

Be authentic

On a final note, we admire how Lorelei Giorgi’s quest for independence mirrors her desire to support people to be independent themselves. This gives her answers an authenticity, and they reflect someone who is truly well prepared.

Over to you

How are your preparations coming along?

Photo: Lorelei Giorgi at the Withers Progress Association, 2020 by Rob Cox, oxy images

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