Kirsty achieves her childcare dream

Picture of Kristy standing in front of the JSW building

When twenty-seven-year-old Kirsty joined Forrest Personnel she knew exactly what she wanted to do. She just didn’t know where to begin.
A year later, Kirsty is about to qualify for her dream job in childcare.
With her employment consultant’s support, Kirsty took her first quietly confident steps towards achieving her career goal. When her ‘Working with Children’ Card arrived in the mail, she was rapt.
Kirsty needed to prepare herself to study successfully. This meant completing a literacy course at South Metropolitan Youth Link (SMYL) in Bunbury before enrolling in Certificate III in Child Care. Despite not having a driver’s licence she found a way to travel to Bunbury from Donnybrook or Capel three times a week to attend her SMYL course.
Now her determination and resilience are paying off. Kirsty is about to graduate from JSW’s Certificate III in Child Care.Her lecturer like us is full of admiration and praise for Kirsty’s superb work ethic and sheer grit in pursuing her dream job. Furthermore, in her current work placement childcare centre the staff and kids love her.