Jessie Butcher – Hungry Jacks

Jessie works in the food preparation section at Hungry Jacks in Busselton. Jessie’s job involves preparing food, pouring drinks, and cleaning. A three week ‘work trial’ organised by Forrest Personnel helped Jessie secure her job at Hungry Jacks. Her manager places high expectations on Jessie, encouraging her to learn and extend herself. Jessie hasn’t yet decided what she wants to do in the future, so is focusing on increasing her skills in food preparation and learning as much as possible. Forrest Personnel continues to work with Jessie to improve her communication and people skills, in preparation for her future career advancement.

A Valuable Employee
Jessie enjoys doing the jobs that many young people her age tend to avoid. Working at Hungry Jacks is a perfect fit for her as her difficulty with speech and shyness means relating to customers is still difficult. Jessie has some on-the-job support from Forrest Personnel which assists with any job training she needs. Her employer is so impressed by the job support experience that they have now asked Forrest Personnel to find them five more young employees with disabilities.

“Jessie and the other guys are doing great, and we get lots of support as a team.”