Meet James and find out why it pays off to have many interests

James is standing in front of a compact loader

James is a young man who likes big things. If truth be told, he likes small things too, but more about that later. The crux of James is that he enjoys both big and small, and much in between.

The beginning

We first met James in late 2019 when he joined our ranks to work with Forrest Personnel Employment Consultant, Shelby, and prepare for the world of work. We’ve done ‘discovery’ which is the process of really getting to know someone – what they like, what they like less, and what they’re good at.

We’ve learnt a lot including that he knows how to drive machinery. This involves equipment with scary names like ‘skid steers.’ For most of us mere mortals, a skid steer is pretty big.

James is standing in front of a large yellow recycling collection bin

James standing in front of a recycling bin at the Stanley Road Waste Management Facility

The small stuff

Our time with this young man taught us that he enjoys small stuff too like building models. He excels at the microscopic details associated with such a hobby. We were curious about the model-building motivation. James said: “I like spending time not using technology and doing something with my hands.” Bravo, we say!

James' hand is holding a small military aircraft model

James holding one of his models

And the stuff in between?

Well, we discovered that James is a good archer. How many of us can include a skill like that in our personal armoury of tricks?

Benefits of many interests

Where’s all this going? Quite simply, we know that a young person with many interests is just that much more prepared for the world of work. They have a broader knowledge base, they can engage with more ease, and they have experience to draw upon.

Coming up

James is about to begin a work experience stint at the Stanley Road Waste Management Facility. It’s been months in the making because preparations were rudely interrupted by the onset of Covid-19. But, we’re back on track and activities are scheduled to start the week of 29 June.

We asked James how he feels about his upcoming assignment. He said: “I’m looking forward to it. It extends the work I did for the Shire of Harvey, and I really like to work outside.”

In good stead

We wish James all the best with this next part of his employment journey. He doesn’t yet have his coveted skid steer ticket (we’re working on that). But, deep down, we know he’s going to excel because he’s a young man with diverse interests, and that holds him in very good stead.

Feature photo: James standing in front of a compact loader at the Stanley Road Waste Management Facility, Tuesday 23 June 2020

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