Celebrating over 10 Years of Continuous Employment

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Analytical Thinking, Innovation and Great Work as a Long-term Valued Employee

Shortly after finishing high school in 2006 Jake Waldin came to Forrest Personnel to see what assistance we might be able to offer him in his job search.  Jake had already begun to explore different options for work, including completing study for pre-fab metal fabricator and working a at a fast food restaurant. However, living with autism, he and his parents thought Forrest Personnel might offer some added guidance and assistance in finding sustainable employment that would be a good fit for Jake.

Over the course of the next couple of years with Forrest Personnel, Jake tried a few different things including study in Horticulture and work in food processing.    Jake says “I learned a lot trying different things.  I could see whether or not I could fit in and be able to be myself.”

Flash forward to 2019, Jake has been in full-time employment as a Hook Room Operator for the past 10 ½ years with, Dardanup Butchering Company (DBC).   With a keen eye for detail and a great analytical thinker, Jake has always been great at looking at processes to see if there are better ways to get things done.

Innovations & Contributions to Process Improvements

Soon after starting work at DBC Jake spotted opportunities to improve efficiency in the company’s cleaning processes manoeuvring systems, including design for a box trolley which was ultimately implemented by the company’s maintenance crew.  These trolleys are still in use today resulting in improved ability to move meat hooks through the plant’s cleaning processes as well other ideas from Jake that have been implemented by the company.

Valued Team Member

Per Colby Davis, DBC’s Human Resources Manager, “Jake is very much a valued member of our DBC team. He has been with us for the past 10 ½ years at our Picton site working in our hook room. Jake is a keen participant in all our social events, particularly our golf day – where he usually takes home a handful of prizes. DBC is proud to have many long-term workers, Jake being one of them.”

Life-changing Employment

Jake appreciates that his long-term employment has provided him with financial independence allowing him to become a homeowner, take holidays and have general wellbeing.  He looks forward to opportunities for growth in his career path and opportunities to provide value to his employer with his innovative ideas.  He also praises the efforts of Forrest Personnel Employment Consultant, Donna Bastow who still checks in with Jake in the workplace.   Jake says” Donna’s been great.  She’s amazing at what se can do.  She’s very committed and understanding and knows about problems your dealing with and how you’re feeling. “

Forrest Personnel is proud to be a part of supporting Jake in his journey in successful employment.