Inclusion at Worsley

Mitchell Walsh, Shannon Weston and Forrest Personnel Supervisor, Michael English under the bauxite grinding mills

South32 is working closely with Forrest Personnel to enhance their inclusive workplace vision with a total of 10 contractors now employed at their Worsley Refinery.

One of these Forrest Personnel teams consists of Mitchell Walsh, Shannon Weston and Darren Brennan, who joined Worsley late last year, in a housekeeping role, hosing up under the bauxite mills.

They are considered valuable members of the Redside Team and their employment closely aligns with Worsley’s culture of care, inclusivity and diversity.  Mitchell said “he feels really good working at Worsley and likes working outdoors.”  Shannon likes working in a fast-paced environment and is interested in working towards the challenge of successfully completing his bobcat licence.  They are both keen to explore opportunities to expand their roles by venturing further into the facility.

Alex Thimm, Superintendent Execution – Digestion Production, said the partnership with Forrest Personnel is a great example of South32’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“The Forrest Personnel team are doing a brilliant job at Facility 024,” he said.

Alex praised the hard work and commitment of Greg Collingwood, Steve Allen, Warren Barnett and Warren Brown for getting the required systems and controls in place so that Forrest Personnel clients could be placed at Worsley.

Forrest Personnel provide and support meaningful employment opportunities for people with health conditions, disability or injury.  Contractors from Forrest Personnel are on site assisting in housekeeping, administrative and gardening roles.

Keep up the great work Shannon, Mitchell and Darren!