Daniel Wood – Celebrating 21 years of Employment in a Job that he Loves!

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When Daniel Wood first came to Forrest Personnel, he was working in a job he didn’t like and hoped we could help find something more suitable for him.

He says he “commenced with Forrest Personnel in 1997” working at a job “…where I was making concrete products. I did not like that job.”   Working with Forrest Personnel, Daniel, who is living autism, was very happy to be given an opportunity for work experience at the City of Bunbury’s Withers Library.

He found this role a great fit for him, stating, “I have a passion for literature and a love of books.  It was a dream job.  I gain enjoyment from reading and researching things that interest me.  Since the age of 4 I have developed an interest in Science Fiction after watching Star Wars and Dr. Who.  I write my own books.  After my successful work experience I was offered a job as a Library Clerk.”

Daniel has now been employed with the City of Bunbury for 21 years as a Library Clerk, working in both the Withers and Main Libraries.

Forrest Personnel is proud and honoured to have supported Daniel in gaining this life-changing and sustained employment.  Daniel told us, “After my successful work experience I was offered a job as a Library Clerk.  My main duties are returning books to the shelves.  I work every day.  During my 10 years at Withers Library I had to re-deploy to the Main Library while Withers Library was renovated.  Once I settled in there I found it had more to offer me because it was a lot bigger with more books to use for my research.  I have really enjoyed working with the staff members and getting to know them all.  I am proud to say I have been employed with the City of Bunbury now for 21 years.  I have no plans to retire. “

Daniel also appreciates the many years of support from Forrest Personnel, stating that his Employment Consultant, Donna Bastow, “supports me in my job when I need assistance.”

We are proud of Daniel’s successful, long-term employment and the opportunity we have had to provide support to him over the past two decades in gaining and maintaining a job that he loves!

We also appreciate our on-going working relationship with the City of Bunbury and its commitment to diverse and inclusive workplaces.