Chris gains practical experience during WorkABILITY Day

Chris using a computer

Christopher Wheatley is a fully qualified bricklayer who is a paraplegic as the result of a motor accident and is unable to continue with his trade.

Since his accident, Chris has studied Office Administration and Finance, achieving a Certificate IV in these fields, and is now looking to add practical experience in an office environment to his qualifications.

On WorkABILITY Day, Chris was partnered with Wren Oil at Picton, and spent the day under the supervision of Jinky Guinto, Wren Oil’s Admin Coordinator.

“Wren Oil got involved in WorkABILITY Day to be able to contribute to the community and give people a chance to get back into the workforce,” she said.  “Chris went really well with the tasks we gave him.  He picked up what needed to be done very quickly, and did the jobs well,” she said.

Chris was happy to have the opportunity to get some work experience in an office environment.

“It’s great that I’ve been able to come to Wren Oil and get a look at the practical side of what I’ve learned in my studies,” he said.  I hope this experience and the feedback will give me a chance to get some paid work in an administration and finance role.”

Forrest Personnel employment consultant Jacqui Keeling said WorkABILITY Day was a great opportunity for employers and potential employees to get together, something that may not ordinarily happen.

“The essence of the day is for potential employees like Chris to gain exposure to a real office environment,” she said.  “In the most practical way, it’s an up skilling experience, and it’s great to see companies such as Wren Oil be part of this project.”