Cameron gets a taste for surveying during WorkABILITY Day

Two men sitting in an office

Cameron Atthowe is a qualified boilermaker/welder but a severe shoulder injury several years ago means that for a long term quality of life a new direction in his career is necessary.

Despite having numerous tickets, Cameron is looking for a position which will be sustainable long term, and the opportunity to have some experience at the City of Bunbury’s Works Depot has thrown up some exciting prospects.  Cameron has been working with City of Bunbury Engineering Technical Officer, Aldo Saffera, at the new City Works Depot at Picton, using computerised drafting and engineering programs, and even had a small taste of surveying.

“To be honest, I hadn’t even thought about surveying as a possibility, but it looks really interesting,” said Cameron when asked what he thought of his morning’s work.  “I have heaps of experience in all sorts of practical things like small engines, boiler making, and pretty much every civil industrial activity, with a background in motocross and my family’s business.”

“But surveying is not something I have come across before, and it may be something which I can maybe apply my extensive knowledge to.”

Mr Saffera said that Cameron had been very quick on picking up the computer drafting and engineering side of things, and that his practical experience was useful when it was applied to the theory.

“He knew what the terms were and what things looked like in real life, not just on a computer screen, which would be a great advantage if he took up something like drafting, engineering or surveying,” he said.  “Cameron has lots of practical knowledge of civil construction and is very aware of things on the ground, which is really useful on this side of the industry.”

Employment Consultant, Shelley Mayo, said having the opportunity to spend a day at the City of Bunbury dept was a great for Cameron to have a chance to look at a work activity which was completely new for him, and to which he could apply possibly his vast experience.

“WorkABILITY Day is a great opportunity for people who are looking for a way to retrain to see new jobs which they might not have considered before,” she said.

“It’s also an opportunity to educate businesses and let them see that, just because someone has a disability, illness or injury, does not mean they do not have the potential to be an asset to their company.”