Cameron Black: How getting reconnected helped land him a job

Cameron Black is standing in front of a shelving unit with games at Beyond Games and Hobby

Cameron Black is the hero of our story and he’s a creative soul. He’s a storyteller, a writer, a board game player, a blogger, and a piano player. We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that he’s a sportsman too with a black belt in Taekwondo. Therefore, he’s well equipped to tell his own story. But, since folks are often less keen to tell their own tale, we’re boldly writing and sharing our version of the Cameron story.

The way people’s lives unfold often depends on the strategies deployed and the way they play the hand they’ve been dealt, or the way they move the board game pieces they’ve been gifted. And, luck, as we know, always plays its part.

A bit about Cameron

Cameron, who is a Forrest Personnel participant supported by Employment Consultant Donna Bastow, is proving adept at moving his pieces rather strategically. He graduated from Bunbury Catholic College and thought he wanted to work in IT. With support from his family and Donna, he completed a series of relevant TAFE certificates. Work experience in IT followed, and although he learnt a lot, he discovered that IT was not a field for him. “What I thought would be interesting, did not interest me,” recalled Cameron. He realised that something was missing from the IT equation.

Reconnecting with Matt

On his 21st birthday, Cameron visited Beyond Games and Hobby. Cameron had never been to the store before, and definitely appreciates a new experience.

As Cameron tells it: “I saw Matt, and Matt saw me.” The two knew each other – this is the lucky bit – when they worked at Bunbury’s Café 140 (now closed). Matt, now the owner of Beyond Games, is a chef by profession, and Cameron was completing a high school work experience stint. They reconnected, and Matt invited Cameron to join a gaming night.

One thing led to another, and with support from Donna, a work experience was organised at Beyond Games. This morphed into a paid retail assistant job for Cameron. Happy days.

Cameron Black is standing behind the front counter of Beyond Games and Hobby

Cameron works on a pricing assignment at Beyond Games and Hobby

Visiting Cameron at work

We visited Beyond Games and found Cameron behind the till where he was working on a pricing assignment. He told us that he really enjoys having contact with customers and the interesting conversations that go along with that – this, it would appear, is the element missing from his experience in IT. “He thrives on the till and enjoys the nerd culture,” said Matt. “He’s developing his product knowledge and becoming more confident in communicating with customers,” added Matt.

“He will always come and ask”

One of the qualities that Matt most admires about Cameron is that he is so trustworthy. According to Matt: “If he doesn’t know something, he will always come and ask me. He never wings it. This means that I can always trust him to be on his own.”

Cameron’s always got his unique perspective and he’s willing to help with anything. He’s friendly, he’s interested in what’s going on around him. Why wouldn’t you value that kind of input?”

Cameron Black is holding a card

Cameron shows off a card that he is pricing at Beyond Games and Hobby

A new adventure

As Cameron Black acquires more board game pieces to move strategically, he’s decided on further education. He’ll be starting a university preparatory course in July. He then has his sights set on a Bachelor of Arts with a major in creative writing. Perhaps in the near future, he’ll be telling our stories!

Over to you?

How are your board game pieces positioned? Any strategic moves on the horizon?

Feature photo: Cameron Black at Beyond Games and Hobby, May 2021 by Forrest Personnel

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