Bruce’s Business: There’s room for everyone including Indi

Bruce is sitting on a chair and his dog Indi is standing beside him

Walking into the office of Cleanway Xtra, one is met with a warm and friendly smile, but also with boundless energy and near-reckless enthusiasm. These latter qualities are ascribed to dog Indi, by the way. We’ll come back to her later. Promise.

What’s Cleanway?

Cleanway Xtra is a Bunbury-based business that offers ‘professional and reliable cleaning services.’ They’re located in a small house down the street from Forrest Personnel’s head office at Strickland and Bourke Streets. We’ve been keen to profile a few employers with whom we collaborate, and Cleanway seemed like a great place to start given that they’re a short stroll away.

Owner Bruce Curciarello who bought the business in 2011, has a rich employment history including other entrepreneurial stints along with managing a radio station.

State of the market

Given that Bruce and Cleanway engage Forrest Personnel participants, we wanted to compare notes about current market challenges. According to Bruce, the market has changed dramatically since the Covid-19 retreat. Bruce described that: “prior to Covid, if we put an ad on Facebook, we would get 15 to 20 cleaners. If we do the same thing today, we might get two applications.” That’s an astonishing decrease in uptake.

We were keen to understand more about Bruce’s philosophy around being committed to hiring staff from Forrest which focuses on supporting people with injury, illness and disability to find and keep jobs. Bruce told us that: “we give people consideration and try to accommodate their needs.”

Staff perspective

Shelby Marlow, who is one of three office staff, happened to be in the room when we popped by for a follow-up interview. She added that: “people who are referred, in general, from Forrest Personnel, want to be given a go because, by and large, they haven’t been given a chance before and they really want to work.”

The magnet heart

On the whiteboard is seen a series of magnets (behind Bruce and Indi) carefully placed in the shape of a heart. Who was responsible for the creation of the shape that’s universally understood, we wanted to know? Shelby claimed credit for the heart on behalf of her kids. She told us that: “As a single mum, sometimes I’m in a position where I need to bring my kids to work.” She added, quite succinctly, that: “Bruce makes it work.”

Room for everyone

At Forrest Personnel, we’re delighted to be near-neighbours with Bruce, Shelby and the Cleanway Xtra crew. At this small business, there’s room for everyone including staff with many abilities, children and an energetic purebred greyhound named Indi. Now that, we say, is inclusive.

Photo: Bruce Curciarello with Indi at Cleanway Xtra, September 2020. Photo: Rob Cox, oxy images

Forrest Personnel is a local charity. We specialise in supporting people with health conditions, injuries and disabilities to find and keep jobs.

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