Alumina Clean Up Crew

Doug Wilson and Jesse Sniegowski

Well done to James Humphreys, Jesse Sniegowski and supervisor Doug Wilson, from Forrest Personnel who go above and beyond to clean up under the conveyers in Area 4/5.

The crew of employees from Forrest Personnel are responsible for tidying up  the build-up of alumina behind the control room which was preventing transformer maintenance and within a couple of hours, the housekeeping team had cleared the area and created a huge pile of alumina dust loss.

Terry Stripe, Area 4/5 Co-ordinator said the Forrest Personnel contractors had worked really hard, shovelling, sweeping and wheelbarrowing out loads of alumina from the area all morning.

Jesse lives in Collie and started at Worsley in January 2018 and is loving the physical hard work he undertakes on site.    James lives in Bunbury and is studying a Chemistry Degree at Murdoch University.

They both hope that their experience at the refinery will lead to further job opportunities in the mining and construction industry.