WorkAbilty Week: Building workplace diversity with Western Power.

Group of ten people standing together at Western Power offices.

This year we were fortunate enough to again partner with Western Power for WorkAbility Week, placing job seekers at their offices and depots across the State.

A total of 18  job seekers gained valuable experience across Western Power’s property and fleet division.

“We aim to provide Western Australians with valuable work experience opportunities and are pleased to be working with Forrest Personnel to facilitate this. The collaboration is helpful and beneficial for all involved as it welcomes people with a disability into our workplace and encourages proactive work practices to ensure equity for all,” says Eleni Tzaikos, Manager, Distribution Delivery.

WorkAbility Week is a really positive initiative to be involved with, everyone gets a lot of satisfaction out of it. There is a feeling that we’re making a difference and possibly creating opportunities for people.

“This is the third year in a row that we’ve worked with this Forrest and together we’re  making great strides in building a diverse and inclusive workforce.”

Actively building diversity

Western Power has a number of employee network groups representing minority groups within its workforce. Among those represented are females, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people living with a disability.

“We’re really keen to broaden our talent pool and involve our employees in encouraging inclusivity, which is why we set up these groups,” explains Eleni, who is also the chair of the employee network for people with a disability.

“Called FocusAbility, the group aims to support employees with a disability and raise awareness of their many abilities. It also helps us identify and resolve any barriers in the workplace that might crop up for people with a disability.

“We’re doing well, but we’re still learning, and improving as we go,” Eleni says.

For Eleni, the commitment to diversity is integral to the work of Western Power and the way it as an organisation relates to the wider community.

“We recently developed our employee value proposition, where we went to our employees and asked why they worked with Western Power,” she says.

“What came back was a feeling that employees loved the overwhelming sense of connection to the community. Our community is made up of diverse groups of people, and I think that translates across to our workforce.”


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