Meet Isaac and discover the benefits of work experience for participants and employers

Work experience participant Isaac is sitting at the front desk of Forrest Personnel with his hands on the keyboard while looking at the camera

Work experience is an important and proven way for participants hoping to enter the job market to gain skills and knowledge. It also provides participating employers with exposure to potentially valuable candidates.

A win-win for all parties

Forrest Personnel is a work experience host and participates in WorkABILITY Day, our annual work experience placement event. In researching this article, we discovered both participants and staff who are ideally placed to contribute to our understanding of the many perspectives around work experience.

Benefits for the participant might include the opportunity to develop commercial awareness, business etiquette, networking skills, self-confidence and interpersonal skills. Successful work experience often results in participating employers becoming referees, which is super useful to those looking for an employment opportunity.

From the employer’s perspective, there are also numerous benefits including the fact that it’s a great recruitment strategy, it doesn’t cost financially, participants often bring with them a whole new energy and perspective, and it can be a morale booster. It’s all sounding pretty positive!

Meet participant Isaac Warnock

One of the current cohort of participants who is gaining valuable experience in our Bunbury office is Isaac. He’s been a Forrest Personnel participant for a couple of years.

Isaac is seeking employment in administration and has been assigned to assist the Forrest Personnel service support team with a variety of duties. He comes in twice a week where he uses his attention to detail to complete essential filing for archiving and other helpful tasks. We’re told he’s clearly an ace with getting things alphabetized at lightning speed.

When asked about his work experience at Forrest, Isaac said that: “This is my first administrative work experience, and I appreciate the opportunity to assist where I can.”

A young man with varied interests

In conversation with Isaac, we discovered a highly articulate young man who presents extremely well. He’s proven himself to be flexible and willing. He also has an array of personal interests including reading (the Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson, was high on the list), listening to a huge range of music (from Japanese to hip hop and beyond) and playing video games (it’s a Nintendo household, we’re told). From an employer’s perspective, Isaac would definitely be a morale booster!

Icing on the cake

Isaac sounds like he is travelling well. Thus, we put the question of becoming a referee to Bunbury Site Coordinator Cathy Thomson. “Would you be willing to become a referee for Isaac?” we asked. Without hesitation came her response: “definitely.”

Photo: Isaac Warnock at the front desk of Forrest Personnel, Bunbury. Photo by Rob Cox | oxy images

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