Five fun and free activities to inspire your teams this spring

White text on plant leaves: Inspire your teams!

The weather is warming, the winds are howling less and the sun is shining a little bit more. This sounds like a great time for some team building – the gathering of the troops after a cold winter to bolster the spirits and revive any flailing enthusiasm levels.

We’ve come up with our top five fun and free activities to spur you onward.

Walking meetings

These are a terrific way to get some fresh air and tackle an agenda all while stretching the legs. In “7 effective ways to rock walking meetings,” a blog post on the website of Innovation Management, the author provides a handy how-to guide. This includes sticking to one-on-one or small group meetings, planning the route and taking notes (using a mobile to record). Off you go!

Professional development workshops

These provide an opportunity for staff to bond while learning at the same time. This activity could be as simple as looking around your workplace and discovering who’s an expert at what. This might lead to a team member agreeing to lead a workshop. And, hey, it doesn’t have to be all about work. If you have an artist or photographer in house, this could be a goer.


This makes for a great team building opportunity. A group of staff could decide on an area of interest and investigate what’s possible in their community. Getting in touch with the local volunteer bureau could be worthwhile in order to identify areas of need to which groups can contribute.

Explore a place

Finding something to discover is an ideal way to bond. It also means being out in the open air and learning something new. Even if it’s a familiar haunt, it might be possible to find a local guide (or even someone on your team) who can show you around and teach you a thing or two.

The “Suddenly” Story

This is a wonderful way to use the imagination. Gather the team in a circle and get the activity off to a start by pronouncing the first three sentences of a story. Then, say “suddenly” and the story passes to the next person who then adds three sentences to the narrative followed by “suddenly.” And, so it goes. There is a helpful description of it in 27 fun corporate team-building activities and outing ideas everyone will enjoy. The “Suddenly” Story is item 10.

One thing we do at Forrest

We regularly read out a series of “drivers.”  These are the things that people have said they want us to focus on.  Some are also about the needs of our employers.  We take turns and try to “bring them to life.” This brings us together and reminds us – as a team – what we’re working towards.

Your turn

Over to you, and we hope you enjoy one or a few of these activities to welcome the warmer weather and enliven team spirits at the same time.

Forrest Personnel is a local charity. We specialise in supporting people with health conditions, injuries and disabilities to find and keep jobs.

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