We are looking for Employer Champions

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What Forrest Personnel does

Forrest Personnel supports people with health conditions, injuries or disabilities find and keep paid employment. We help employers fill vacancies and work with a range of organisations, across all industries and position types.

Why diversity and inclusion works

Prioritising the creation of a diverse and inclusive workplace can have wide-reaching and positive effects on your business. The Australian Network on Disability explains that organisations that are actively inclusive attract and retain the best candidates from a wide talent pool. Reduction in sick leave, less workplace incidents and a generally happier work environment are also cited as benefits.

Forrest Personnel is on a mission to increase community awareness about the benefits of creating diverse and inclusive workplaces, and we’d like your support.

Searching for good news stories

We are looking for ‘good news stories’ from our employers who have had successful placement experiences with Forrest Personnel. We want to spread the word about all the positives that come from prioritising diversity and inclusion. We’d like to know about the support that was provided, and why you think it has a positive impact on your team or for the wider community more broadly.

Making contact

If you would like to become a Forrest Personnel Employer Champion, drop us a note at response@fp.org.au and we’ll give you a call. We’d love to consider showcasing your success story on our website and social media platforms.

Let’s champion diversity and inclusion together for the betterment of our communities!

Feature photo: from left, Forrest Personnel participant Nathaniel Hutchins with Darcy Ryan (formerly with MCG Architects) at MCG Architects, WorkABILITY Day 2019

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