Saying Thank You Through Art

Painting of trees and water

When aspiring Bunbury artist, Warren Capp, presented a portrait he had painted to Forrest Personnel as a way of saying thank you, he had no idea how it would confirm the importance of our core mission.

From the outside Warren looks like an everyday guy.  But inside he has a passion for painting and sculpting; so much so that he has converted his garden shed into a studio to focus on his art.

When he connected with our team in 2017 as a job seeker living with autism, he was looking for a specialist provider that understood his condition and its challenges when looking for employment.

Over the next few months we helped Warren prepare for entry to work and presented him to several potential employers, including Pickwick Cleaning Services, who recruited him as part of their cleaning crew.

While we knew that Warren was making great progress at Pickwick, what we didn’t know was that he was planning something special to thank our team for helping him get a job.

Without mentioning it to anyone, he selected a scene from the beautiful South West of Australia, where we are head-quartered, and began to paint on canvas.

He worked over the course of a few months and then, to the surprise of everyone, delivered the painting in person just before Christmas.   Our team was absolutely thrilled.  Area Manager, Tracey Dawson, used the moment to encourage our consultants.

“Warren’s gift affirms our core mission of NO ABILITY WASTED,“ she said. “A job can positively change a person’s outlook and mean so much to them, sometimes in ways we never anticipated.”


As we enter the new year, Warren’s act of kindness has inspired us all at Forrest Personnel to make 2019, wherever possible, a year that touches the lives of job seekers living with health conditions and disabilities.

Thank you, Warren, for reminding us of the importance of what we do.

If you are interested in finding out more about Warren’s art, please visit Paintings Sculptures & Drawings By Warren Capp at