Raising funds for essentials: Containers for Threads and Heads

Yellow and blue graphic with the words: Containers for threads and heads, supporting participants in need

At Forrest Personnel, we’re raising funds as part of a campaign. Why, you may ask?

In order to ensure their success, we need to support job seekers to put their best foot forward, and there is no time like the present. 2020 was a very challenging year for many, and there are certain indications – including the recent lockdowns that affected Perth, Peel and the South West of WA – that elements of uncertainty will continue into 2021.

“The curtain has been drawn back”

In a recent opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald entitled ‘2020 drew back the curtain on unemployment and poverty,’ Dr Lynette Edge, the Secretary for Mission at The Salvation Army Australia, who is overseeing the Salvos efforts in social services, poverty alleviation and social justice in Australia, wrote that: “2020 has also given a glimpse into the lives of people experiencing unemployment and poverty in a way we have not had in living memory. As the number of people unemployed or with reduced hours skyrocketed, more of us saw, and then many of us lived, the experience of financial hardship.”

Later in the same article, she concluded with the following words: “Now the curtain has been drawn back, it’s not an option to just let it fall again. People are looking into the lounge room of our nation, and we need to make a decision about what we want them to see. I’m sure we all want them to see equality, compassion, and a nation that leaves no one in need.”

Let’s make it work together

In 2020, Forrest Personnel began using the motto: “Let’s make it work together.” Thus, we’re living our motto, and raising funds to support job seekers with essentials that are key ingredients for success, but are often out of reach for those who are unemployed. Job seekers need to look their best and our campaign will support them with funds for clothes and visits to the hair stylist.

Containers for Threads and Heads

We’re calling our campaign Containers for Threads and Heads, and we’re inviting you to donate any amount that you receive from returning eligible containers to a Containers for Change refund point.

Scheme ID

It’s having a Scheme ID that makes it possible for charities to receive donations. The Forrest Personnel Scheme ID is C10283036.

To learn more about what is returnable, and what is not, we invite you to consult the website of Containers for Change. You can also search for refund points near you.

We offer our thanks

Thank you for supporting our campaign and we look forward to sharing more job seeker successes with you in 2021.

Forrest Personnel is a local charity. We specialise in supporting people with health conditions, injuries and disabilities to find and keep jobs.

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