Nick Gledhill: Still getting a buzz from helping others

Head and shoulders photograph of Nick Gledhill, a man with white hair and glasses.

After almost 10 years, Forrest Personnel Employment Consultant Nick Gledhill still gets a real buzz from his job.

Nick is one of our employment consultants based in the South West – he works with participants in Donnybrook, Bridgetown, Manjimup and everywhere in between.

Like all our employment consultants, he spends his days supporting participants with disability, injury or illness to find and keep meaningful work in their local community.

“I still get a buzz from helping people to get a job. It makes such a difference to their lives, and their families,” he says.

“I’m always seeing people – I am out there meeting participants, visiting their workplaces, chatting to their employers. I am constantly trying to make sure everyone is getting what they need.”

What they need is different for every participant who comes to Forrest Personnel, he notes.

“A lot of people I see have anxiety and other issues like low self-confidence. It can take a while to get them to a point when they think they can even apply for a job. Getting them to that point is part of my job,” Nick says.

“Sometimes it takes a lot of personal and emotional support – sometimes I become one of just a few points of contact with the world. Whereas some other people just need to be given a bit of advice and they’re on their way. Others need someone to just listen to them.”

Changing perspectives

Nick started in the disability employment sector almost by accident – he was required to register for Job Active himself some years back. His work has taken him from Merredin to Perth and now back home to the South West.

Since he began in the sector, there has been a steady and positive shift in attitudes toward people with disability. But he still regularly deals with the stigma and misunderstandings that surround disability.

“The issue is the stigma. I understand it is slowly improving but there is still a stigma out there and a lot of people just cannot look past the disability. You see it. As soon as you say the word “disability” and then “employment” people think you are talking about a sheltered workshop. Which is not what we do,” he says.

“Our participants can hold regular positions, and often their disabilities are invisible. They just need the right kind of support.

“So yes, while things are better, there is still a long way to go.”

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