Tips for building momentum after the holiday season is over

Blue, yellow and white graphic with gears and the words: Tips for building momentum after the holidays

We know that many of us work frantically before any holiday to tie up the loose ends and leave things where we want them left. This often means leaving for a holiday after having built up lots of momentum.

What happens when it’s time to go back to work and all the momentum has dissipated? We know that it can be a challenge to build up steam and get going again. So, we chatted with a few of our staff and asked them to share their tips.

Debrief with colleagues

Jason Boyes, Employment Consultant, Bunbury, said that he hadn’t factored in how busy he’d be at work after the holiday period. He told us that: “Shortly after coming back to the office, I and a number of my colleagues had a day in which we had contact with about 15 participants. That’s the busiest I’ve been since joining Forrest Personnel.” Jason mentioned that debriefing with colleagues was a great strategy to help him ease back into his working role. Receiving support from his supervisor was also critical.

Try for a win!

We spoke with Development Manager Abby Finn. As a working mother with two young children, she had a few thoughtful ideas for us. “Anchor yourself with habits by sticking to a routine that you’re familiar with and know works for you,” she stressed. In addition, Abby suggested trying to secure a win in the first few days after returning to work. This makes great sense as it helps channel energy, and the completion of a task always results in a positive outcome. For Abby, this might mean researching, writing and submitting a grant application.

Get creative

To broaden our reach, we met with Employment Consultant Deb Franks in Collie. When Deb first goes on holidays, she switches off as it’s time to relax with family and friends. But we know that she’s the type of person who spends a lot of time thinking outside the box and is very observant. In keeping with that, Deb told us that: “As I move through my leave, I start gathering new ideas and perspectives. I use them to inspire me when I get back to work.” All this creative thinking no doubt helps Deb build momentum as she moves through the early weeks of the year.

Crisp and clean

In Kalgoorlie, we touched base with Employment Consultant Dianne Te Hau. Her strategy was particularly proactive. Before leaving the office for a holiday, she makes sure all her notes are up to date, she clears her desk, cleans the window sills and removes dated material hanging on the walls. She remarked that: “When I return from holiday, it’s like entering a nice clean house and starting fresh. And, if feels awesome.”

How is your return to work progressing? Are you getting into gear and building momentum? Either way, there might be a suggested strategy from our staff – like refreshing your office by tidying up, or debriefing with colleagues – that could work at any time of year.

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