Jones Welding Solutions: Our Diversity & Inclusion Award Winners

A group of three people from Jones Welding Solutions smiling and holding a framed certificate and an award trophy

A recruitment strategy that actively boosts workplace diversity has helped Jones Welding Solutions win the Diversity and Inclusion Award at this year’s BSW Connect South West Business Excellence Awards.

Sponsored by Forrest Personnel, the Diversity and Inclusion Award recognizes businesses that show a commitment to promoting the social and economic inclusion of people from diverse groups, including people with a disability and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Jones Welding Solutions (JWS) is a family-owned business in Bunbury. Over the past few years has put into place a recruitment strategy that goes beyond filling positions.

Strategy for success

The strategy aims to increase diversity by making sure key groups are represented.

For example, the company increased its female employees from 2% to 25%, found roles to suit the abilities of older people, and set targets to raise the number of Aboriginal employees.

JWS director Luke Jones said the diverse team created an environment that allowed for personal growth, which in turn promoted business success.

“I see diversity as a key part of who we are as a company,” he said. “It has added value to all aspects of business by bringing people from different backgrounds together in an inclusive environment to achieve incredible things.

“Our company personnel profile has experienced a massive change in diversity over the last four years and we credit much of our business success to this.”

“Being recognized as a leader in [diversity and inclusion] is something JWS is extremely proud of.”

He added that the company recognized its work in promoting diversity and inclusion was “far from done”, and that the company was committed to achieving its ambitious targets.

Valuing diversity 

Ceri Price, General Manager Business Development at Forrest Personnel, said it was important to acknowledge businesses like JWS that valued diversity and inclusion.

“JWS is demonstrating that far from being a burden or a box to tick, building a diverse workplace actually leads to business success,” Mr Price said. “We need more business to start thinking along these lines and bringing people of all abilities into the workplace.”


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