Making a start on mental health in the workplace

Four people are sitting around a table and looking at two laptop computers.

Every workplace is unique. However, one thing that all workplaces have in common is the benefits that come from prioritising mental health strategies to promote mental wellbeing in staff.

Nurture a positive workplace

It is no mystery to say that if your staff genuinely look forward to turning up to work every day, and if they are supported, encouraged and rewarded, your business will reap the rewards. Positive workplace culture supports sustained mental health outcomes. Great culture reinforces people’s motivation, purpose and satisfies people’s need for belonging. Check in with your staff. What’s the vibe?

Manage stress

It should be remembered that people’s stress levels vary and that everyone is susceptible to it. Whilst a small amount of stress can often keep employees driven, large amounts of stress, heavy workloads, unrealistic deadlines, and poor communication can lead to uncertainty and doubt. This fuels anxiety and will negatively impact mental health. Business owners and managers need to ensure they understand what stress looks like for every person who works for them.

Support people with mental health conditions

To support mental health, there needs to be well-understood, practical processes for employees to provide information around pre-existing or emerging mental health issues without fear of repercussion. Whilst it is a legal requirement to be non-discriminatory; hearing, understanding, and protecting your valued staff during their hard times will reward your business with loyal and hardworking staff.

Ideas for prioritising mental health in your workplace

Here are some really simple things every workplace can do:

  • Offer training and education on mental health
  • Encourage lunchtime exercise, or in-office yoga or mediation sessions or similar
  • Provide access to confidential counselling
  • Look at the work environment – think about natural light, plants, casual breakout areas and Zoom ‘connection’ meetings with staff in other locations

Forrest Personnel provides ongoing, on-the-job support for everyone we support in to employment. This ensures the most positive outcomes for everyone involved.

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