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Why Employ with Forrest Personnel?

With over 30 years of experience in 17 regional and city sites, WA businesses trust us to deliver exactly what we promise.  We know and understand that your business requires the right person with the right skills to fill your vacancies and our excellent job matching capabilities will ensure that the person you hire stays with you for the long term.

5 Reasons to work with us

  1. It costs nothing!  Our job matching expertise is FREE.  Other “for-profit” recruitment agencies will charge you fees to use their services, and may even charge ongoing fees.
  2. Our support doesn’t end when your vacancy is filled.  Once we find you the right employee for your job, we can then support and train the employee in the workplace until they are up to speed with the job role. We support the Employer and Employee to ensure you are working well together, and we are able to offer ongoing assistance and advice where required.
  3. Our funding is performance based.  We are funded by the Department of Social Services on a fee for service basis. This means if we don’t make a suitable and lasting job match between our client and your job, we don’t get paid.
  4. We can assist you to access Government Funded Wage Subsidies.  Your business may be eligible to receive generous government-funded wage subsidies for ongoing roles. Finding and training a new employee requires substantial commitment of time and resources. The Wage Subsidy Scheme recognises this by providing government-funded incentives and assistance to employers.
  5. We can help you to retain valuable people.  If a current staff member is struggling because  of illness or injury, we’ll help you protect their job and your asset, keeping their knowledge within your business.

Together, we can make a difference

It is interesting to note that 1 in 5 Australians have some type of disability (ABS 2011) and productivity is equal or greater than other workers in the vast majority of cases.  Adding diversity and depth to your team by drawing on this sizeable talent pool makes sound business in so many ways.

Partner with us and we’ll support you with skilled, responsive staff, who have the ability to connect with your customers.  Employ people with disabilities and show your community that when it comes to being open and inclusive – you mean business.