Why doing what we say is a guiding principle at Forrest Personnel

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Job hunting can be an overwhelming experience for some. In this article, three Forrest Personnel team members reflect on how the process of working with a job seeker is an important part of supporting someone to find and keep employment.

Taking pride

Members of the Forrest Personnel team take great pride in making the experience as smooth as possible. As part of that, we have a series of guiding principles that includes ‘We do what we say we are going to do.

We’ve chatted with three of our Employment Consultant colleagues – two in Bunbury and one in Narrogin – about what this principle means to them.

Shelby Burns – Bunbury

“Our program for job seekers is very individualised. No two job seekers are the same, and no two Employment Consultants are the same. Basically, everyone is different. But, it’s so important for us to be consistent and do what we say we are going to do because this will increase the chance of a participant achieving an outcome such as an interview or a job. This is definitely what we’re striving for. This guiding principle also prevents people from falling behind. There are enough challenges for job seekers and losing momentum does not work in anyone’s favour.”

Tahnee Smart – Narrogin

“People who over promise and underdeliver is a major pet peeve for me. I consider our guiding principle to be a variation on this sentiment. Although it’s important for us to do what we say we are going to do, we must be supporting our job seekers to do the same. If we and others don’t follow through, there are implications for all parties. For example, I recently put forward a job seeker for a position. However, the job seeker didn’t show up. Not only did the candidate not get the job, but my relationship with the employer was compromised. There can be longer-lasting implications for many when we don’t follow through.”

Nick Gledhill – Bunbury

“People not doing what they say they’re going to do is one of my pet peeves. Back in my twenties when I was a practicing pharmacist, I had arranged for a colleague to replace me for one shift. At the last minute, that person didn’t follow through and threw my plans into disarray. That was a pivotal experience for me. At Forrest Personnel, job seekers – who might not have anyone else supporting their employment journey – are counting on us for guidance and encouragement. Thus, it’s doubly important that we don’t let them down.”

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Photo: Nick Gledhill, April 2021 by Forrest Personnel

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