Chris improves parts cataloguing process

Staff cataloguing spare parts

Meet Chris Young, who has been working at the South32 Refinery helping catalogue parts in the warehouse.
Chris has been taking photos of high turnover parts and uploading them to enhance ROAM’s parts feature. He has carefully photographed and measured over 600 materials so far and says a “picture is worth a thousand words” when ordering from a warehouse that has nearly 35,000 part numbers on file.
Coming from the automotive industry, where he’s had extensive warehouse experience, Chris says he is enjoying his contract at Worsley and it’s great to be back in the workforce again. He is amazed at the size and complexity of the Refinery and feels proud that some of his suggestions have been incorporated into the parts cataloguing process.
Chris is helping to make the ordering of parts a much easier task – the ability to see a photo of a part before ordering is proving to be beneficial and a real time and cost saver.