The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

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Over 4.3 million Australians – that is nearly 1 in 5 of us – experience disability (ABS, 2016). Hiring and welcoming staff of diverse abilities is not only the right thing to do, it also makes sound business sense.

Here’s why hiring staff with disability makes good business sense:

Attract & Retain Key Talent

Deakin University research reports multiple benefits to embracing workplace diversity, including:

  • It costs no more to employ someone with disability, with technology removing many barriers previously encountered;
  • Access to a broader talent pool and better positioning to respond to talent and labour shortages;
  • Strengthened staff morale and productivity through a more engaged, motivated, diverse workplace;
  • No difference in performance levels to employees without disability.

Enhanced Brand & Reputation, Marketing & Customer Retention

Several studies, including those from the Human Rights Commission, show that employing staff of diverse abilities helps enhance organisations in many ways, including:

  • Increased competitive advantage, with evidence that diversity and inclusion is increasingly being considered when awarding contracts and tenders;
  • Increased customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention with better understanding of the needs of customers with disability which can lead to improved service, product development and expanded consumer base;
  • Fewer complaints and grievances around accessibility issues;
  • Improved reputation and brand via enhanced organisational image, alignment with values and corporate social responsibilities

Risk Mitigation

Research by the Australian Safety and Compensation Council shows that employees with disability have:

  • Fewer scheduled absences;
  • Fewer occupational health and safety incidents;
  • Lower turnover rates (improved retention rates).

It is proven that diverse and inclusive workplaces benefit customers, clients and community, the workplace and its employees, and the business and its performance.

The Australian Government provides funding for eligible persons through the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF), designed to assist in covering costs of making workplace adaptations and changes. This can include purchasing equipment and accessing services for employees with disability.

How Forrest Personnel Can Help Your Business Thrive

Forrest Personnel can provide you a free recruitment service, with a pool of pre-screened and work ready candidates, we can assist in matching the right person to meet your business’ needs. Our aim is to find sustainable employment for our job seekers. We understand your need to find the right person with the right skills to fill your vacancies and our experience and specialised job matching capabilities ensures that the person you hire is supported to stay with you for the long term. Once we have helped you find the best person for the job, we can also provide on the job support if required.

  • Specialist recruitment agency– Forrest Personnel is a not for profit organisation specialising in helping people with disabilities, health conditions or injuries to prepare for and find sustainable employment.
  • On the job support– once we find you the right employee for your vacancy, Forrest supports and trains the employee in the workplace until they are up to competent and competent with the job role.
  • Our funding is performance based– We are funded by the Department of Social Services on a fee for service basis. This means if we don’t make a suitable and lasting job match between our client and your job, we don’t get paid. You will never be charged for our services.
  • Funded Wage Subsidies –Your business may be eligible to receive government-funded wage subsidies for ongoing employment.  Finding and training a new employee can require substantial commitment of time and resources. The Wage Subsidy Scheme recognises this by providing government-funded incentives and assistance to employers.