What our team members have to say about being on time

Shelley Mayo is smiling and looking at the camera. She is standing with her back to a vine growing on a wire lattice against a vertical wall

We have a set of guiding principles at Forrest Personnel. They serve to inform our day-to-day engagements and interactions. For the second in our series of articles, we’ve checked in with a few of our colleagues – two in Bunbury and one in Narrogin – about our second guiding principle: We are always on time.

Wanda Sadowski: Drawing on past past experience

To get us started is Wanda, our Marketing and Communications Coordinator who is based in Bunbury. She told us that “We are always on time” resonates with her rather strongly.

“I hail from a land of ice and snow and where it’s very, very cold for part of the year. I remember having a rendezvous with a friend and we were going cross country skiing. However, the meeting point was on a trail and outside in the cold, rather than being in a warm and cozy ski chalet. The person was late, and it was clear to me that being late in certain parts of the world and in certain environmental conditions is dangerous. This is just one of the many experiences I have had that reinforce that being on time is really important – for ourselves and others.”

Kerry Arundel: “It’s just part of my work ethic”

Kerry is a Psychosocial Support Coordinator based in our Narrogin office. She was keen and ready to chat about this guiding principle.

“I feel that being on time is important as it sets the standard of professional excellence. This is one of our guiding principles that is part of my personality. In fact, I’m the type of person who is always early. I also know that if I have an appointment with someone, that person is waiting for me. I can easily visualise this, and it keeps me on track. Now, I’m not saying that being late doesn’t happen. It does happen. But, in those situations, I always ring the person to both explain and apologise.”

Shelley Mayo: “It’s ingrained in me”

One can hear the voice of experience from Shelley Mayo, a Senior Employment Consultant based in Bunbury.

“I think being on time is ingrained in me. My parents brought me up to respect other people’s time. And I always arrive early for my appointments. Also, I’m scheduled to start work at 8:00 am. However, I always arrive before my start time. I find that if I’m not on time, I get a bit panicked. Having everything running on time all the time is a challenge, but I’m up for it.”

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Feature photo: Shelley Mayo, March 2021 by Rob Cox, oxy images

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