30 Foot Drop wins Diversity and Inclusivity Award at gala evening!

Ben Aldridge is seated. Standing behind him are Bronwyn McGann, Jess Aldridge, Lauren Aldridge and Lisa Hall

We were delighted to be present at the 2020 South West Business Excellence Awards on Saturday 27 March. These awards are brought to life by Bunbury-based BSW Connect. According to their website, the organisation is “here to champion your success and empower you to make confident and informed decisions about your business to help it grow and succeed.”

Forrest Personnel was the sponsor of the Diversity and Inclusivity Award this year, and has been the sponsor for a number of years now.

Introducing the finalists and the winner

We were thrilled with the caliber of finalists in the category: Advocacy WA, Bianca Turri Photographer, Eyes at Australind, Milligan, The Health Hub at Eaton Fair and 30 Foot Drop. On the night, 30 Foot Drop was announced as the winner of the Diversity and Inclusivity Award.

Jacqui presents

One of our Team Leaders, Jacqui Keeling, was on hand to present the award to Ben and the 30 Foot Drop team.

We spoke with her after the event, and the first words out of her mouth were: “WOW, it was a great night!” She went on to tell us that: “the speeches from the category winners were so inspirational. What I noticed, in particular, was that the winners all expressed gratitude to their team members. I was honoured to be there with Ben and 30 Foot Drop to witness this win. The awards bring to light all the blood, sweat and tears that small businesses go through to achieve. I am sure the success of the night will inspire others to keep moving forward.”

Jacqui Keeling is looking intently at the camera. She has glasses on and is wearing a black jacket

Jacqui Keeling at the BSW Connect 2020 South West Business Excellence Awards

Direct from the winner

We also touched base with Ben after his big night. He was thrilled and said that: “Being recognised for our work is an amazing honour and highly validating. It gives the staff and me the momentum to continue innovating and driving change in our community.”

Reflections of the organiser

These awards would not be the same without the tireless efforts of Robyn Morris, the Deputy Chair of BSW Connect and the Awards Program Coordinator. After the ceremony, we asked her to reflect on the 30 Foot Drop Win.

“Ben is a most inspirational business owner, having transformed a personal adversity into an incredible business. He is authentically motivated to make a real difference in the lives of people with disability. Ben’s a true role model – he advocates for accessible and inclusive workplaces and is a leader in promoting disability awareness. This supports us all to engage with people of all abilities. Ben and his team are absolute champions!”

At Forrest Personnel, we look forward to following the journey of 30 Foot Drop and their inspirational leader.

Feature photo: Ben Aldridge along with (from left) Bronwyn McGann, Jess Aldridge, Lauren Aldridge and Lisa Hall by JLG Photographics

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