Disability Employment Services (DES)

We understand that looking for work can be challenging, difficult and stressful and we are here to help you. We are all about finding you the right job for your abilities so that you will succeed in your job.

We are flexible with the services that we can provide to you and like to take an individualised approach depending on your needs. Our staff are all very friendly and welcoming from the moment you enter our doors until the time you exit our programme.

Let us help you prepare for and find the right job. These are some of the ways that we can support you:

Preparation for employment and finding you a job

  1. Vocational assessment and profiling – to work out which is the best type of job for your skills, abilities and interests
  2. Confidence building  – we can offer interactive courses to help you with your confidence, self-esteem and motivation and goal setting, communication skills, stress management etc
  3. Computer skills – we can help build your computer skills through self-paced learning
  4. Your resume – we can build a job specific resume to give you the competitive edge when looking for work
  5. Your application letters – we can help you create an application letter to stand out from the crowd and get employer’s attention
  6. Your online applications – if you need computer access you can visit us and use our facilities
  7. Your interview skills – we can help you prepare your responses to common interview questions and take you through a mock interview giving you confidence when attending interviews
  8. Your training – we can discuss your work related training needs
  9. Work trials – we can organise suitable work trials for you as a “Job Taste Tester”
  10. Marketing to employers – we will support your job searching activities by actively marketing you to suitable employers

We stay with you

Once you have a job, we can provide support when you start work; if necessary. If you need help, our Employment Consultant will come to work with you and help you settle in, so that you are comfortable with the tasks.
Or you may have high support needs, in which case we can provide you with ongoing job support.

FREE Services

These are FREE services for those who are eligible.


Check eligibility

If you have a health condition (including mental illness), disability or injury and you are not currently studying full-time, or linked to another Employment Provider, you may be eligible for our free service. We will require evidence of your condition from your Health Professional, e.g. doctor, psychologist or treating specialist.
Contact your nearest office or give us a call on 1800 224 548.

Get a referral to our services

For a direct referral to our service
Call your nearest office for an appointment
Visit Assessment Services at your local Department of Human Services


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