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Government and Non-Profit

What can WorkABILITY Connect do for you?

If you’re from the government or non-profit sector, you’re continually looking for tools to enable you to reach and serve more people. Becoming more diverse and inclusive can no doubt contribute toward achieving this goal. Diversity and inclusion promote increased teamwork, improved morale and innovation. But they also make it possible to reflect the communities in which you work. If current and potential customers see themselves reflected in your organisation, it will make it that much more inviting for them to do business with you. It’s a strategy that’s better for business.
WorkABILITY Connect will equip you and your team members with the skills to create a ‘disability confident’ workforce.

WorkABILITY Connect also aims to help you discover the benefits of employing people with health conditions, injuries and disabilities and thus reap the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

It’s a package that includes access to FREE resources and information.

We can deliver brief presentations to your teams, or you can complete an online survey as a starting point. Register for WorkABILITY Connect and gain access to a portal that houses a toolkit.

What’s in the toolkit?

  • Information and resources
  • Training modules
  • Awareness materials
  • A Business Accessibility Plan (BAP) template
  • Access to WorkABILITY Connect Experts – Anyone in your organisation can ask questions or seek information from an Expert
  • Regular Check-ins – Once an organisation signs up for WorkABILITY Connect, we will include regular check-ins to support you on your journey

Our goal is to work with any organisation to make diversity and inclusion a part of everyday business activities so that rather than being an ‘add-on’, it becomes ‘The way things are done around here’.