WorkAbility Week: 11-17 October


WorkAbility Week is our annual event designed to bring employers and job seekers together, creating opportunities for both to experience the power of meaningful work.


Throughout the week participating employers host one of our job seekers who lives with an illness, injury or disability. While job seekers benefit from valuable work experience, employers see first-hand the real benefits of actively building a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Ultimately, WorkAbility Week is about demonstrating to employers that while our job seekers may have a barrier to employment, their skills and desire to work make them valuable team members.

Why should I take part?

As an employer, you’ll get to welcome an enthusiastic job seeker into your business for a short time and see how they could benefit your workplace in the long run. And there are real benefits. Australian studies have shown that employees with a disability:

  • are equally productive
  • have nearly 40% fewer absentee days
  • have 6 times fewer OH&S incidents
  • stay with companies for longer.

Moreover, you will get a valuable insight into the lives of the 1 in 6 people in your community who lives with an illness, injury or disability.


How does it work?

It’s easy. Register your interest below and we will then contact you to find out what placement opportunities you have available and what the required skills are. We use this information to match the placement to the right candidate. We make sure they have the right skills and experience for the job, along with the right aptitude for the work they will be doing and the work environment they will be heading into. Once the placement begins, we will support you and our job seeker for as long as they, or you, require.


Will it cost anything?

No. Participation will not cost you a thing. You don’t even have to worry about insurance costs because all our job seekers are covered by our insurance.


I’m interested. How can I take part?

Call us on 1800 224 548 during business hours or fill in your details below and we’ll be in contact with you.



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